President Al-Assad: the Warrior against Terrorism (1)

Terrorism has never been a Syrian Phenomenon; extremist Islamic matrices have characterized this unfortunately international phenomenon. Syria has faced and defeated a frenzy terrorist phenomenon by Moslem Brotherhood gangs by the end of the seventies and beginning of the eighties of the last century. Actually some of those who supported such a frenzy phenomenon are themselves the same now who support the ongoing terrorism against Syrians, particularly some ewes, Jordan and the USA. The Late President Hafez Al-Assad was able to lead the battle of all Syrians against terrorism and to put an end to terrorism against Syrians.

Syria, a secular peaceful country under the only secular leadership in this part of the world, since the beginning of the 21st Century once more has been the target of terrorism. This very terrorism under many forms: occupation, threats, sanctions, derailed the ambitious plans of reforms and modernization, not to mention the heavy losses inflicted on all sectors of Syrian life. The US-made terrorism and Wahabi exported terrorism from dozens of countries mushroomed and escalated. Foolishly, Israel the occupier of the Arab land, embraced, hosted and sponsored by itself this terrorism! Here comes the historic role and leadership of the Syrian Army and its Supreme Commander, President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad, the man who has been defending heroically not only his country, the region but the whole world against terrorism.

H.E. President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad is indeed the world number one man in combating terrorism; he has been in words as well as in deeds leading every effort as to outline, define , combat and eradicate terrorism. Among the points to be highlighted to this effect and for this noble purpose are:

"It is not possible to put terrorism in your pocket and use it as a card because it is like a scorpion which won't hesitate to sting you at the first opportunity,"

"Terrorism is not a winning card you play when it suits you and keep it in your pocket when it doesn't. Terrorism is like a scorpion; it can unexpectedly sting you at any time. Therefore, you cannot support terrorism in Syria whilst fighting it in Mali."

 ''Terrorism has struck all parties without exception; it hasn't struck one party and spared another. It hasn't been part of political differences, and hasn't stood with one party against another, and hasn't decided to be on the scene as part of this political problem.''

''Terrorists are concerned neither with reform nor with dialogue. They are criminals who have set themselves a task; and they are not concerned with condemnation or denunciation. They do not care about the tears of wives who have lost their husbands and mothers who have lost their children. They will never stop until they complete their task regardless of anything. They will never stop unless we stop them. Not distinguishing between terrorism and the political process is a great error made by some people. It lends legitimacy to terrorism sought by terrorists and their masters from the first day of the events. Making this distinction between terrorism and the political process is essential in order to understand and know how to move towards improving the conditions we live under.''

 ''Terrorism is not related to the political process. It targets all the homeland, its institutions and its parties. It is a separate case and its treatment is different and cannot be subject to any of the standards I have mentioned. We must fight terrorism to cure the homeland. Consequently, there is no tolerance and no leniency towards terrorism or those who support it. There is no tolerance except with those who have abandoned it. We will continue to confront it decisively while opening the door for all those who abandon it, provided that they do not have blood on their hands. Thousands of those who have carried arms have responded to our call and the state has forgiven them.''

''I raise a question: why didn't this terrorism that we see today strike so violently before the crisis although Syria is surrounded by countries which have known this kind of terrorism for over ten years? The answer is that chaos is the natural environment for terrorism and those who have promoted a new age of freedom and prosperity, without knowing what they are talking about, have embraced chaos, and chaos embraced terrorism; and consequently, and without knowing it, these people have become involved in, in one way or another, in terrorism. Today we see, as a result of short-sightedness, that the freedom they have chanted slogans for is about the blood and the dead bodies of our children and that the democracy they talked about is soaked with our blood. We have paid a high price, but I expect that the price we are going to pay after the end of the crisis might be higher, not in terms of security, but in terms of moral values. You are aware of the new concepts which have invaded the minds of a large segment of Syrian youth, concepts like terrorism, violence, robbery and mercenary fighting.''


 Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim