President Bashar Al-Assad: the Man of Peace (6)

The realization of the just and comprehensive peace has ever been the noble objective of H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad. Actually, all the measures and political moves taken by the Syrian leadership aim at the restoration of stability, security and realization of the peace. This strategy of peace has been characterized and reflected by H.E. President Al-Assad through:

We have no Syrian conditions but rather rights recognized by the international community. Just and comprehensive peace would ever be our strategic option notwithstanding the change of circumstances.

We, in Syria and the Arab Homeland at large, seek peace. We advocate peace, strive for it and want peace to be just and comprehensive, leading to the liberation of the occupied Arab territories and to the restoration of the rights to their owners.

Syria is serious in working for the realization of peace but the aim of returning to peace talks should be the realization of the just and comprehensive peace in the region, which involves the commitment of all parties to this.

We have to alleviate humanity to the highest as to guarantee for our children at present and in the future a secure life free of hatred, and full of amity, cooperation, and tolerance. (June, 2001)

Furthermore, the Israelis replaced the principle of peace through force with the principle of land for peace, which means that the culture of peace hasn't been mature yet. So far, they haven't realized that security would never be achieved but through peace and that the realization of peace would bring security. (June, 2001)

We in Syria had never been for war neither had viewed in it, whether for us or others, any interest; we do speak of peace hence it is the desire. (June 23, 2001)

Once Israel was to be able to offer genuine peace, a just and balanced peace deal was to be signed, there would be a recognition of Israel. (June 22, 2001)

We were very clear in dealing with peace issues, firm in our stands since the beginning of the peace process in Madrid in 1991; unlike the Israeli policy that fluctuated sometimes and put obstacles at other times. Until this very moment they did not give us any proof that invites confidence that they have a true and genuine desire to achieve peace. Rather they have been suggesting different versions in order to cover what they truly want to do so they ask us to be flexible and I think that they mean the territory should be flexible in order to press its borders and make it shrink in a way that suits their objectives or they send us missionaries who ask us to agree to a modified line of June 4 and ask us to call this modified line June 4, as if the difference is about naming the line. Or they suggest to give us 95% of our land and when we ask about the remaining 5% they say it is only a problem of few meters and this should not be an obstacle in the way of peace. If those few meters are not a problem and should not be an obstacle in the way of peace, then why they don't return to the June 4th lines and give us 5% of the territory west of the Lake? They have betted on many things; they have betted on the health of President al-Assad forgetting that national leaders who enter history enter it through the doors of their own countries and enter the world of eternity through the same door and never through concessions and giving up rights. They have betted on the military strength and were defeated in Lebanon. They have betted on our national unity and our people defeated this bet and now what are they going to bet on? The only betting that may succeed is to bet on the will of the people to return their rights through the return of their complete territories to the line of June 4, 1967. Only then we can proceed towards a just and comprehensive peace. We call upon the United States to play its full role as an honest broker and a cosponsor of the peace process. Pressure has to be exerted in order to implement the resolutions of international legitimacy with all the legitimate rights they dictate for the Lebanese, the Syrian and Palestinian people.( July 17, 2000)

We would like to stress here that we have the urge to reach a state of peace but we are not ready to give up an inch of our territory nor do we accept our sovereignty to be impinged upon.

The question of the land is a question of sovereignty and honor. The land (value) is not measured by economic or real estate considerations.

Syria will not give gifts of that sort and that US President Bill Clinton himself understands the "importance of this element for us.” "What is the relations of being in hurry to achieve peace or assign this position to this person or that? Incomplete peace does not serve any objective nor any person, whoever, to rule in the future.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim