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Syrians' Ballots NOT Wahabi Bullets.

Joy in the eyes and hearts; the majority is smiling. Press is to convey things, events, feelings as they are depicted, felt and seen on  the ground. I felt this joy around me, in every corner, house, zone and street. The Syrians are happy organizing spontaneous gatherings, dancing, singing, hoisting the Syrian flag and the picture of President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad. Who can force these people to dance in the streets, and under the shells of terrorists? The Syrians are doing so celebrating their nomination of their President and the candidature of their beloved president to the Presidency.

Equal distance from all candidates, The Presidential Media Office urges.  11 candidates by today, OK. This is our democracy. Equal media coverage for the candidates. Information Minister asserts. OK. One candidate is however most feared from abroad and most beloved and trusted in inside Syria. Most feared abroad because he is the thorn in the throat of cannibals, colonials, ewes , occupiers and half men. Most beloved in Syria is because he has proved himself as the Syrians' hope, future, guardian, custodian and construction.

Actually one of the main reasons why President Al-Assad is feared from abroad is his moderate, civilized, transparent, nationalist, resistant and peaceful nature, approach, and thought. So, those abroad are to lash out the coming presidential elections, knowing that President Al-Assad is to be re-elected.   The Syrians are to elect their president and have no right to elect a president for the French, US. Accordingly these countries should have no right to interfere in our presidential elections. Whatever the  elections transparency and democratic nature  might be, the dogs will bark; the train of the Syrians is ,however,  speeding up to the destination of the best tomorrow with the best President for all, H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad, says my son, Hafez.

Law is above all; and in this President Al-Assad gave a moral lesson even in the wording of his candidature letter using '' I urge''. There is every reason for voting President Al-Assad as THE president. There is no one single reason for voting against his candidature. The Syrians who weren’t interested in voting for him are now following more than three years of the crisis adamant on voting for none but for President Al-Assad. More than 80 countries, hundreds of thousands of ewes, terrorists and al-Qaeda affiliated western non-politicians have tried in vain to tarnish the image of the Syrian leader, Army and people; why? They failed not only because they are at fault, but because the Syrian, Army and people have every right and duty to fight the wahabi al-Qaeda linked terrorism.

So, the majority does feel indebted to and thankful to President Bashar Hafez Al-Assad, who has never let them down. Accepting the majority pleas and demands, President Al-Asssad's candidature means but the definite victory not only of the Syrians, but of the region people, if not those of the whole world, against terrorism. It is the light, knowledge and construction against their darkness ,ignorance and destruction. It is the Syrians' ballots and never ever the wahabi swords and bullets.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim