Syrians' Appeals and Demands

On the day of Easter, resurrection and rebirth, H.E. President of all Presidents, Bashar Hafez Al-Assad,  is in the heart of Syria's sanctity , the birthplace of Christianity. The saviour and custodian of all Syrians is among his sons and family members, who were taken all of a sudden by Al-Qaeda Wahabi cannibals. The World's most brutal and merciless killers want not only to slaughter non-Muslims but every Syrian in the land of the three monotheist religions.

The fact underscored by President Al-Assad is that no terrorist whatsoever can erase the Syrian human and civilization record is in itself a message of congratulation to all Syrians in their Easter.  It is the Syrian message of steadfastness and victory against every barbarity.

The Syrians are the only People worldwide who are indeed accustomed to together celebrate the religious occasions of all the three monotheist religions: Jewish, Christian and Islamic.

The Syrians do belong and believe in the Only God of mercy, peace, tolerance and love. The same Syrians are now appealing to President Al-Assad to candidate himself for the coming presidential elections. We are lost and astray without President Al-Assad is the common talk of the streets in Syria. All in this geographic zone would be more threatened with the epidemic of the Wahabi Al-Qaeda terrorism without the boots of the hero Syrian Army. Yes, President Al-Assad is the Syrians' only hope for a better tomorrow of stability, security, construction and moderation.

The talks of the streets in Syria reflect but the Syrians: martyrs, family martyrs, orphans, wounded, bereaved, Army and popular heroes and indeed the majority of Syrians. Thus, the majority appeal for and demand President Al-Assad and even nominate him- some say whether His Excellency likes or not- for the post of the Syrian Arab Republic Presidency. H.E. has never disappointed the Syrians and is expected to definitely be up to their expectations and hope. The President who defends his country and people in the darkest moment of aggression history can never be replied but with the more of sacrifice, allegiance and patriotism.

Actually, the talks of the ewes, petrodollars, and colonialists in the white or dark palaces of in fratricide, treason and in the 5-star hotels mean nothing for the majority of the Syrians. Thus and as declared Syrian media means are popular and not governmental; this, however, means the more of true commitment to the pulse and thrilling voices of the Syrian streets and never of the ewes, petrodollars and colonialists'.

Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim