Syrians' Decision to Nominate President Al-Assad for every Presidential Elections (7)

The Syria Times takes pleasure in publishing some of the just, accurate and exact statements made about H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad since the untimely demise of Syria's great builder, the late Hafez Al-Assad, the father of modern Syria. Still the memories and bitter tears of June 10th 2000 alive inside the lucky among the Syrians who have had the opportunity to be eye witnesses to the late Al-Assad's epic of steadfastness, correction, liberation and resistance.

The Syrians who in millions took to the streets on that day are but to take the streets and in more numbers celebrating the victory of all Syria and Arab masses and the free world against al-Qaeda Wahabi and Takfiri terrorism. The millions along with their post-2000 born family members are now to chant ''Allah, Syria, Bashar''. Bashar has proved himself to be not only the man of humanity, hope, amity, fraternity, salvation and safety, but as the invincible President of all presidents and leaders. His Excellency President Al-Assad ''came out of the people and lived with them'' and has remained one of them. The Syrians have seen him ''everywhere whether in the work place or on the streets or in your picnics in order to learn from you and sharpen his determination by his contact with you and shall work for you as he has always done. The man who has become a president is the same man who was a doctor and an officer and first and foremost is the citizen.'' ''Our dear people, My trust in you is infinite and so is my love to you.'' And so, your Excellency, you are the savior, guardian and the majority does adore, trust and believe in you. The following is but some of the statements issued during 2007:

“Events and developments have proved that Syria has been on the right course; President Bashar Al-Assad is the only man who has been able to read well the reality and course of events.”


Dr. Abdullah Al-Ashal, International Law Professor  and former Egyptian Deputy Foreign Minister, August 10, 2007.

  “President Bashar Al-Assad has made of Syria the formidable bastion in the face of all pressures and threats against the Syrian National stances.”

Sami A’shour, Arab Lawyers Union Chairman, August 7, 2007.

 “President Bashar Al-Assad enjoys Arab, domestic and international respect and appreciation because His Excellency is the shrewd captain of the ship asserting the Nation basics notwithstanding the challenges and pressures put on Syria. President Al-Assad bets on his people in Syria as well as on the Arab People who reject surrender, affirming the restoration of the rights and the just and comprehensive peace.”

Dr. Nouman Abdul Razq Al-Samirai, the Iraqi Ulamma Council Secretary General, June 10, 2007.

 “President Bashar Al-Assad is the choice of the Syrian People as the basic guarantee for the present and Future of Syria in defense of the rights and national basics.”

Ahmad Ali Sa’ed, the Yemeni Popular Unionist Liberation Party Secretary General, May 30, 2007.

 “President Bashar Al-Assad has presented the most credible picture for Syria.”

Lucien Bitterlin, Président de l’association France-pays arabes, May 29, 2007.

  “President Bashar Al-Assad enjoys international respect, and the Russian People do appreciate and respect His Excellency for what he possesses of wisdom, wide political experience and knowledge, which make many of world leaders admire His Excellency as a professional Statesman.”

Father Lionede Calinin of the Russian Orthodox Church May 19, 2007.

 “President Bashar Al-Assad represents the Arab Dignity, Steadfastness, Pride, and Highness. Standing behind his leadership is to stand against conspiracies and challenges hatched against Syria and the Arab World.”

Wia’m Wahab, former Lebanese Minister, May 15, 2007.

 “President Bashar Al-Assad has been able to defend the interests of Syria; he has never made concessions pursuing an independent policy in the face of foreign pressures, taking courageous and wise decisions regarding regional issues.”

Sayd Jalal Fayadhi, Iranian News Agency Director General, May 15, 2007.

  “President Bashar Al-Assad has been able with his proven wisdom to be the formidable bastion, which has foiled all sinister bids against Syria.”

Abdul Aziz Al-Sayed, Arab Parties Congress Secretary General, May 15, 2007.

   “Courageously, President Bashar Al-Assad has chosen the clinging to the Naional Basics as to face up the Zionist-US scheme in the region. He has chosen the interests of the Syrian People and the upper interests of the Arab Nation guiding the political process skillfully.”

Fou’ad Dabour, The Arab Baa’th Progressive Party Secretary General, May 15, 2007.

  “President Bashar Al-Assad is capable of reading events wisely on the bases of the policy committed to the right, justice, national dignity, correct course, and wide vision.”

Abul Al-Wali Al-Bahir, the Yemeni ‘Khudhir’ Party Secretary General, May 15, 2007.

 “President Bashar Al-Assad has a National resurrection project and his leadership represents the future for Syria as well as for the Arab Nation. President Al-Assad is the most able of raising the level of the Syrian Arab People economically, socially and culturally; he is the most capable of restoring the usurped rights supporting Arab brethrens and their just causes.”

Radwan Abdul Al-Malak Al-Hobani, the Yemeni ‘Popular Unity’ Party Secretary General, May 14, 2007.

  “President Bashar Al-Assad is the professional strategic analyst, who knows history very well, explains reality, capable of drawing the concrete lines as to tackle the reality, with a farsighted vision and talented capability to lead Syria towards the brilliant future.”

Wia’m Wahab, former Lebanese Minister, May 14, 2007.

 “President Bashar Al-Assad is talented with the wise policy and farsightedness.”

Sheikh Ahmad Al-Hajri, May 13, 2007.

  “President Bashar Al-Assad has faced the challenges to which Syria is exposed with wisdom and experience worth of admiration and appreciations. President Al-Assad through his steadfastness and firm stances has obliged all to acknowledge the pivotal key role of Syria in the region. President Bashar Al-Assad has proved to be the shrewd politician and the extraordinary Arab leader.”

The Jordanian ‘Al-Wahda’ Daily, May 13, 2007.

  “President Bashar Al-Assad has proved that the owner of the right is worth of being top on the pyramid as the courageous Arab leader.”

Dr. Khaldoun Al-Nasser, the Jordanian ‘Al-A’hd’ Party Secretary General, May 11, 2007.

 “When Bashar al-Assad, the youngest president in Syria history, was inaugurated before the Syrian Parliament in July 2000, he gave a speech that was a sharp departure from the dreary realist pronouncements by Baath leaders during the previous thirty-seven years of Baath rule in Syria. Where did Dr Assad’s high-toned sentiments originate? In his inaugural address, a Syrian might recognize the measured, intelligent, and uplifting rhetoric voiced by the leading lights of the Syrian independence movement, beginning in Ottoman times and ending in Syria’s emergence from French colonial rule in 1946.”

Scott C. Davis , US Writer& Journalist May, 2007

“A modern-day Frenchman who read Assad’s inaugural address might recognize something close to home in the President’s use of the phrase “the Other.” In his speech, President Assad told Syrians that, to prepare for democracy, “we must learn to respect the opinions of the Other.” This is the language of European academic discourse, a discourse that originated many years ago in a revolution that shouted, “Liberté, egalité, fraternité.”

Scott C. Davis , US Writer& Journalist May, 2007

 “Syrians had come to know Bashar al-Assad, in the years before the death of his father, as a national ombudsman, the head of the Syrian Computer Society. He was their guy, leading anti-corruption campaigns and fighting for the little guy against the bureaucrats. And he was a modern man, computer literate and foreign educated, a man who would carry forth the resonant heart of Syria into the new world of high tech and global commerce.”

Scott C. Davis , US Writer& Journalist May, 2007

“Syrians spoke most fervently on Bashar al-Assad’s respect for law. “The president came to Aleppo,” one woman told me. He was driving his car, and the light turned red, and HE STOPPED!” In Aleppo, as any observer knows, Bashar al-Assad was probably the only driver on the road who obeyed the traffic laws.”

Scott C. Davis , US Writer& Journalist May, 2007

  “The stances of President Bashar Al-Assad represent the hope for all Arab people yearning for liberation, and the restoration of the occupied territories.”

Engineer Adel Al-Kharafi, Arab Engineers Union Chairman, March 5, 2007.

 “President Bashar Al-Assad accords every attention and care for Arab Causes. President Al-Assad has a very deep sense and is aware of all the developments taking place in the region. I have benefited from listening to the analyses for Arab condition by His Excellency.”

Yousef Bin Alawi Abdullah, Omani Foreign Affairs Minister, February 10, 2007.

 “President Bashar Al-Assad has a genuine sincere desire for a secure and stable Iraq.”

Jalal Talabani, President of Iraq, January 21, 2007.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim