Syrians' Decision to Nominate President Al-Assad for every Presidential Elections (4)

The Syria Times takes pleasure in publishing some of the just, accurate and exact statements made about H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad since the untimely demise of Syria's great builder, the late Hafez Al-Assad, the father of modern Syria. Still the memories and bitter tears of June 10th 2000 alive inside the lucky among the Syrians who have had the opportunity to be eye witnesses to the late Al-Assad's epic of steadfastness, correction, liberation and resistance.

The Syrians who in millions took to the streets on that day are but to take the streets and in more numbers celebrating the victory of all Syria and Arab masses and the free world against al-Qaeda Wahabi and Takfiri terrorism. The millions along with their post-2000 born family members are now to chant ''Allah, Syria, Bashar''. Bashar has proved himself to be not only the man of humanity, hope, amity, fraternity, salvation and safety, but as the invincible President of all presidents and leaders. His Excellency President Al-Assad ''came out of the people and lived with them'' and has remained one of them. The Syrians have seen him ''everywhere whether in the work place or on the streets or in your picnics in order to learn from you and sharpen his determination by his contact with you and shall work for you as he has always done. The man who has become a president is the same man who was a doctor and an officer and first and foremost is the citizen.'' ''Our dear people, My trust in you is infinite and so is my love to you.'' And so, your Excellency, you are the savior, guardian and the majority does adore, trust and believe in you. The following is but some of the statements issued during 2004:

 “President Bashar Al-Assad has proved to the entire world that we never leave aside our spiritual history, and that we are proud of our Christian as well as Islamic Heritage together.”

His Beatitude Patriarch Ignatius IV (Hazim) of Antioch and all the East, November 27, 2004.

 “President Bashar Al-Assad dots the i’s and cross the t’s at every historic and fateful turning point as to analyze things with all frankness and transparency, demonstrating new concepts never known by Arab officials before, especially as far as acknowledging differences.”


Jasem Budi, Editor in Chief of the Kuwaiti ‘Al-Rai Al-Aam’ Daily, October 10, 2004.

 “President Bashar Al-Assad enjoys great patience, firmness, high capacity in dealing with crises, containing pressures, facing up challenges.”

The Jordanian ‘ Al-Majd’ Daily, November 8, 2004.

 “President Bashar Al-Assad has proved extraordinary capacity in achieving accomplishments at all levels, in solidifying Syria safeguarding her security and stability, at a time when the entire region is pregnant with big events and consequences, which are the most dangerous in Modern history.”

Aouni Al-Kaki, Editor in Chief of the Lebanese ‘Al-Sharq’ Daily, July 19, 2004.

 “President Bashar Al-Assad, through his national stances, has given the sons of the Nation the hope as to emerge from the condition of disappointment aspiring to the just and comprehensive peace on the bases of dignity, firm commitment to the stances as to restore the legitimate rights in full, defending the Arab national Causes.”

Mostafa Bakri, Editor in Chief of the Egyptian ‘Al-Isbo’- (The Week) Magazine, June 22, 2004.

 “President Bashar Al-Assad has a wide vision for the development of Syria; his stances have proved him as the wise man of politics, with a distinguished leadership character.”

Igor Aostash, Vice Chairman of the Ukrainian Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee, June 7, 2004.

 “President Bashar Al-Assad has a clear-cut political vision as to face all hot issues with serenity and tranquility.”

Salah Addin Abdullah, the Tunisian Information Minister, May, 2004.

 “Syria, under the leadership of President Bashar Al-Assad represents the spirit of religious tolerance and coexistence among all of her sons.”

His Beatitude Nerses Bedros 19th Patriarch of Cilicia of Armenian Catholics, May, 2004.

 “President Bashar Al-Assad is the talented Leader and the hope under these difficult circumstances.”

Fayez Ismael, Secretary General of the Unionists Socialists Party, May 29, 2004.

 “President Bashar Al-Assad is not only a Statesman, but, further, is the distinguished Arab Leader; when all succumbed to dictations, President Al-Assad never fears threats of sanctions and blockades.”

Sheikh Wadi Al-Khazin, former Vice chairman of the General Maronite Council, May 10, 2004.

 “President Bashar Al-Assad is the conscience of the Nation in facing up the challenges; talking about resistance is for the strong-willed leaders who are committed to their Homeland future and Security.”

Ahmad Al-Hassan, the Secretary General of the Arab Democratic Nasserite Party, May 4, 2004.

 “Bashar Al-Assad is the Sun rising over Syria.”

The Turkish Hedef Magazine, April, 2004.‏


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim