Syrians' Decision to Nominate President Al-Assad for every Presidential Elections (2)

The Syria Times takes pleasure in publishing some of the just, accurate and exact statements made about H.E. President Bashar Al-Assad since the untimely demise of Syria's great builder, the late Hafez Al-Assad, the father of modern Syria. Still the memories and bitter tears of June 10th 2000 alive inside the lucky among the Syrians who have had the opportunity to be eye witnesses to the late Al-Assad's epic of steadfastness, correction, liberation and resistance.

The Syrians who in millions took to the streets on that day are but to take the streets and in more numbers celebrating the victory of all Syria and Arab masses and the free world against al-Qaeda Wahabi and Takfiri terrorism. The millions along with their post-2000 born family members are now to chant ''Allah, Syria, Bashar''. Bashar has proved himself to be not only the man of humanity, hope, amity, fraternity, salvation and safety, but as the invincible President of all presidents and leaders. His Excellency President Al-Assad ''came out of the people and lived with them'' and has remained one of them. The Syrians have seen him ''everywhere whether in the work place or on the streets or in your picnics in order to learn from you and sharpen his determination by his contact with you and shall work for you as he has always done. The man who has become a president is the same man who was a doctor and an officer and first and foremost is the citizen.'' ''Our dear people, My trust in you is infinite and so is my love to you.'' And so, your Excellency, you are the savior, guardian and the majority does adore, trust and believe in you. The following is but some of the statements issued during 200-2003:


Russian Statements (200-2003)


Love and Support

 "Dr. Bashar is a national personality and the Syrian people love and support him.”

Ex-Russian Ambassador to Amman, lexander Ivanov.

"Dr. Bashar Al-Assad will follow up and develop the traditional friendship relations between Syria and Russia that were established by his late father.”

Deputy in the Russian Duma council and member of the Parliamentary committee for foreign affairs, Alexander Shabanov.

embodiment of Arab public opinion, conscience and aspirations

 "President Bashar Al-Assad is doing exactly what he has to do; he is the embodiment of Arab public opinion, conscience and aspirations.”

Curnilio Vadim Tudor, President of Great Romanian Party.

 "President Bashar pursues the same national and patriotic way of his late father in defense of Arabs’ rights to their land.”

Dr. Mohidin Sliq, the Secretary General of the International Academy of Informatics, Moscow.

"President Bashar has remarkable ability, high proficiency; he does enjoy respect.’’

Marshal Dimitri Yazove, former Soviet Union Defense Minister.

“President Bashar is characterized with wisdom, courage, vitality, and farsightedness.’’

Valantine Kupotsov, First Deputy of the Russian Communist Party.

 “President Bashar is a professional president of  strategic vision; he leads Syria with all confidence, ability in adherence to the national principles.’’

Prof. Alexander Sarimov, Director of Afro-Asian countries in the Russian Cultural Centre.

“In less than a year, president Bashar has proved himself as a Statesman; he enjoys love and trust inside Syria, respect and appreciation in the Arab and foreign countries.’’

Alexander Vilionik, Chairman of Economy Department in The Russian Academy of Science.

high values and moral

 “President Bashar Al-Assad has inherited high values and moral, rich and distinguished experience. He believes in the continuity of what his late father, Hafez Al-Assad established in reform, as well as in development; he is the source of pride for Syria and for the Arab Nation.’’

Dr. Nijma Hibat Allah, Indian Parliament Deputy Speaker and Chairman of the International Parliamentarians Union.

clear transparency

 "President Bashar is far and deep sighted; his vision indicates clear transparency. He clearly, transparently, and outstandingly has presented Syria’s stances in the Arab Summits of Cairo and Amman.”  

Youssef Bin Alawai, Omani Minister of State for Foreign Affairs.

 master navigator

"President Bashar has proved, in a very short period of time, that he is a master navigator able to continue the march in commitment to the national principles laid down by his late father.” 

Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Ismael, Ex-Egyptian Ambassador to Damascus.

best guardian

 "President Bashar is the best guardian for late president’s march of struggle.” 

Sheikh Abdulamir Qabalan, Deputy chairman of the Higher Islamic Shiite Council.

 "President Bashar pursues the national march of his late father towards progress in the higher interests of the Arab Nation’s capabilities as to steadfast and resist.’’

Lawyer Usama Al-Arab, deputy of the Lebanese Central Fund for Expatriates.

construction,  modernization

 "Syria under the leadership of President Bashar continues the march of construction,  modernization on the one hand; and on the other resists surrender and normalization schemes.’’

Samir Ahmad, Secretary General of Palestinian Journalists and Writers in Lebanon.

wisdom and power

 "President Bashar leads Syria with the same wisdom and power of late president.’’

Ibrahim Ahmad Omar, Secretary General of the Sudanese National Party.

 "President Bashar embodies the meanings of Arab dignity, and pride, which were earlier established by his late father.’’

Al-Naib Adam Q ‘amar Al-din, Chairman of the Sudanese Journalists Union.

 "President Bashar is the best successor for the best predecessor.”

Amre Moussa, Ex-Arab League Secretary General. 


 "President Bashar demonstrated firmness in confronting Israel and in breeding a political vitality to the Syrian street in accordance with the logic of today’s world.”

Izalsin Maihobi, Chairman of Algerian Writers.

''Syria under the young leadership of President Bashar would achieve the more of development and reform; Syria is proud of his leadership. He hoists her flag with determination towards dignity and pride.’’

Jawsat Al-Mohisin, Former Jordanian Ambassador.

 "Syria pursues the march strong and firm under the leadership of president Bashar.’’

Salim Al-Hoss, Former Lebanese premier.

"President Bashar boosted Syria’s roles at the Arab and international arena.”

Jobran Arbaji, Chairman of the Syrian National Social Party.

 "President Bashar has a remarkable ability in confrontation and steadfastness, at a time when the Arab and Islamic cause needs the more of power, patience, and firmness.’’

H. E. the Religious Authority, the late  Sheikh Mohammad Hussein Fadelallah.

 "Syria, under the leadership of president Bashar, is a qualitative interaction with Arab causes with the challenges it faces.’’

Anwar Khalil, former Lebanese Information Minister.

 "President Bashar is the guardian of the legacy of struggle and huge accomplishments realized by our people under the leadership of late president.’’

Gazi Zou’iter, Former Lebanese Minister of Defense. 

"President Bashar follows up the process of reform and modernization initiated by late president.’’

Dr. Mohammad Saleh Al-Awran, the Secretary General of the Jordanian Arab Land Party.

courageous leadership

 "The young and courageous leadership of president Bashar is the defender of Aqsa Mosque, Palestine, the supporter of the Intifada, and the holder of Arabism flag, national legitimacy, and of Arab developmental project.’’

Dr. Mohammad Saleh Al-Awran, the Secretary General of the Jordanian Arab Land Party.

 "President Bashar surprised the world and proved in less than a year that Syria Bashar Al-Assad is the same of the late immortal president.’’ 

Talal Naji, Assistant Secretary General of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

 "President Bashar pursues the march with strength and determination toward his objectives and the objectives of the Arab Nation. The Syrian steadfastness under president Bashar Al-Assad increased her power,”

'Ashahar' Magazine issued in Paris, 14-7-2001.

  "Every single citizen in Syria and in the Arab homeland keeps a close dear image of President Bashar Al-Assad, an image for the president and the citizen in whom they saw reflection for their concerns, and dreams; all felt that he talks like them, in their names and on their behalves in Arab, Islamic Summits, and in his meetings with international officials and European leaders.”

'Ashahar' Magazine issued in Paris, 14-7-2001.

 "In president Bashar Al-Assad's case, we see the very balance of stances, and the exceptional ability in confrontation, complete clarity in formulation of modern plans, programs.” 

Joseph Harib, Lebanese Writers Union Chairman.


Dr. Mohammad Abdo Al-Ibrahim