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Chicken with Bashamel Sauce


   1 kg Boiled Chicken Breast

   Half a cup corn

   1 cup cheese grated

    To prepare bashamel sauce:

Quick croissant recipe


    Roll Puff Pastry

     1 egg yolk

    Half a cup chocolate fat


1. Cut the pastry paste into 8 triangles, in the same way as slicing the pizza.

Lettuce and corn salad


6 Leaves of lettuce, washed and sliced into broad slices

4 Tomatoes washed and cut into cubes

2 Peeled and cut into thin slices

2 Red pepper washed and cut into cubes

Cheese pies in oven


    To prepare the filling:

    200 grams Cheese Vita extract

    1 onion finely chopped

    2  tablespoons large Chopped parsley

    1  teaspoon of vinegar

Coconut tablets


    4 White albumin"egg white"

    1 Cup sugar

    Two and a half cups Coconut

    A teaspoon vanilla

    A teaspoon of peeled and grated lemon