Pistachio Malban

Malban also known as (halvan or Raha), it is kind of gummy or jello candy that is sometimes served with nuts – hazelnuts, walnuts or pistachio and sometimes you can find it in white color or flavored. It is a paste made of sugar and wheat starch, a delicacy very well known among Syrian confectioneries especially in Moulid events (birth of Prophet Mouhamad) .

Kids love malban so much, it is sweet and easy to chew on.

Knafe ice cream cups

Crunchy shredded phyllo dough, beautifully wrapped around your favorite kind of ice cream, probably sprinkled with nuts and with a drizzle of honey, this is a heavenly combination of flavors.

In Syria, Knafeh is one of the most popular desserts. Back in the old days we only had two kinds of Knafeh, stuffed with nuts or with Ashta/cream filled Knafeh.

We can use syrian ice cream, freshly made with mastic flavor or any kind of ice cream you like.

Always scoop the ice cream right before serving, do not scoop and freeze with Knafeh, as it tends to lose its crunchiness in the freezer.

Eid Maamoul is different fillings and a special flavor which is not absent from the homes of Syrians

With the last days of the blessed month of Ramadan, the smell of Maamoul emanates from the homes and neighborhoods of Damascus as an event to celebrating the coming of Eid. Many families are keen to prepare it at home, while some of them want to buy it from the market, even with the high prices of the Maamoul, but it is still the first choice of Syrians for Eid sweets with its different fillings according to their taste.

Usually in every Eid Syrians prepare the maamoul with Ajoua (Dates), pistachios, nuts filling, or one of the different kinds of jams such as narnage, citron and they serve it beside Barazek and Ghraybeh which are very famous in Damascus, not forget the Arabic coffee. Shops sell their sweets in a very presentable way in order to attract attention.

Halawa Truffles

The coolest new way to enjoy halawa! Easy, homemade Halawa (Tahini Halva) and turn it into the most elegant little truffles. Roll them in either pistachios, sesame seeds or dunk them in glorious chocolate.

Tahini Halva is a sweet confection that is wildly popular in Syria.  It’s is made from sesame paste (tahini) and has a distinctively flaky, crumbly texture and sweet pistachio flavor that is just a delight to eat.  It can also take on a variety of flavors like rosewater, hazelnut, almond Halawa and chocolate swirl Halawa.

In Syria, it’s called Halawa, meaning “sweetness” in Arabic, and is a pantry staple in most households.  It was, and still is our peanut butter.

The inside of these little truffles are halawa, but for the outside, it is covered with in 3 different coatings: Pistachios, Toasted sesame and chocolate…



• 2/3 cup tahini, stirred well

• 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons powdered milk

• 1 cup powdered sugar

• 8 squares (30g) from chocolate bar

Knafeh with mango and cream

Knafeh is one of the popular desserts in Syria and levant.  Along with the many names comes a number of forms, textures, presentations and fillings for this popular dessert. You can see knafeh presented in a pan,  knafeh shaped like cones, knafeh used as a crust and topping and many many more.The fillings also range from cheese to cream, pastry cream, Ashta (something similar to clotted cream) and nuts. The texture of the knafeh can also vary, it can be fine (knafe naameh) or rough (knafeh khesneh).

Knafeh with mango and cream is easier and more delicious dessert from the original knafeh, it is crunchy and light way to enjoy the traditional Ramadan dessert. This Knafeh makes for a wonderful summer dessert because you can make it ahead of time and keep it in the fridge.

You can use with it mango, peaches or your favorite fruit.