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Zardeh is a sort of sweet pudding from rice that is characterized by the flavor of saffron. In the past, this sweet was served on special occasions in Aleppo, specifically at wedding. The Aleppo proverb says “No more Zardeh after the wedding” “من بع دالعرس مافي زردة”, because it has good amount of sugar. It is also popular in Iran and Iraq.


1. Put 125 g Egyptian short grain rice in a bowl.

2. Wash and rinse rice in three changes of water.


3. Drain water from rice and set aside.

4. Put 1/2 g saffron threads in a small bowl.

5. Add 15 ml boiling water to saffron threads, mix and soak for 15 minutes.

6. Drain using a small sieve and set aside.

7. Put 750 ml water in a large pot.

8. Turn on heat, and keep over high heat until it starts to boil.

9. Add rice to boiling water.

10. Stir gently with a wooden spoon and keep over high heat until it starts to boil.

11. Reduce heat and cook over medium heat until rice is cooked. Test by taking rice between your fingers and smash it, it should be tender.

12. Add 125 g sugar to rice and stir to dissolve.

13. Keep over medium heat for 10 minutes.

14. Add saffron water and stir to dissolve.

15. Turn off heat, add 15 g (2 tablespoons) orange blossom water and stir.

16. Serve hot Zardeh in small bowls. Set aside at room temperature to cool

Garnish Zardeh with almond halves. Put in the refrigerator to cool.