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Potato Mufarakeh

Mufarakeh is one of the generic names of various vegetable dishes.  Some dishes are vegetarian like Mufaraket Kusa (courgettes mufarakah), some use eggs, and some are cooked with ground meat. The only common factor is the simplicity of these dishes. They are usually easy to make, quick, simple.

The word Mufarakeh could be roughly translated to rubbed or massaged.

Potato Mufarakeh is a simple dish of potatoes, onions and minced meat. Traditionally the potato is cut into small cubes, fried and cooked with the meat in a pot. The result is a yummy dish but not great looking.




1. Potatoes 800g

2. Minced lamb 400g

3. One large onion

4. Ghee clarified

5. butter 1tbs

6. Vegetable oil





1- Start by preparing the meat mixture. Finely chop the onion and fry in the Ghee butter on medium heat till soft. Add the meat and continue to cook till fully cooked. Season with salt and pepper towards the end when all the water has evaporated from the meat mixture. The meat needs to be well seasoned as it is the main flavouring ingredient.

2 - Potatoes are cut into small cubes. Fry in vegetable oil till almost done. Drain on a kitchen towel.

3- Cooked the potato with the meat in a pot for 5 minutes

Serve with an Arabic bread and salad on the side.


Lara Khouli