Al-Zouzu castle in Jableh shows artistic, historical and civilized mixture in Syria

 Al-Zouzu castle, located on the southern corniche of the Syrian city of Jableh is considered as a wonderful architectural masterpiece inspired by the Byzantine style of architecture. It was built by Ahmad Al-Zouzu, one of Jableh’s residents, in the mid of the 20th century.

Al-Zouzu designed the castle in a way that shows Syria’s artistic, historical and civilized mixture, using the remnants of the archaeological stones of old monasteries, mosques and houses in the city of Jableh.

The castle, built on an area of 2000 square meters, is like a Byzantine fort. What distinguishes this castle is its richness with drawings and inscriptions of historical models that were used in Italy during the Renaissance period.


In addition, a number of paintings that symbolize the emblems of some civilizations such as the lotus flower, which was sacred for the Pharaohs, and the famous crescent in the Islamic civilization, are also decorating this magnificent site.