A tourist journey to Palmyra

Volunteers of the Syrian Exploration and Documentation Society "I am the Syrian" organized a tourist journey to the historical Syrian city of Palmyra.

130 volunteers from different Syrian provinces visited the most important archeological sites in the city and saw the destruction caused to its old civilization because of the attacks launched by ISIS terrorist organization before their defeat in this region. The participants toured major sites including the Palmyra National Museum, the famous Temple of Bel, the Arch of Triumph, the Palmyra Theater, the Great Colonnade and the Afqa Spring site which was the secret of life in this area.

 Khaled Nweilati, the leader and of the Society's activities, told SANA that the journey aims at documenting the history of Palmyra, particularly the sites that were damaged by terrorism, conveying the real image in a professional way and drawing the attention of concerned bodies to this city so that measures to provide all necessary services to this city are taken to improve its situation.

Amal Farhat