Tahounat Al-Halawa in Hama countryside... a tourist destination for nature lovers

 Hama, (ST) - The distinguished geographical location and a picturesque nature made  the village of Tahounat al-Halawa, “al-Halawa Mill” in the western countryside of Hama  a tourist attraction and a destination for visitors, and vacationers from different regions. It intersects geographically with the four governorates of Hama, Idlib, Lattakia, and Tartous. It is linked to these governorates through a network of tourist roads surrounded by extremely beautiful green spaces.


Hassan Haidar, mayor of the village, said “the picturesque nature, the mild weather and the abundance of fresh water springs that the village enjoys,  and the series of restaurants, parks and cafes that spread throughout the village, in addition to the generosity and kindness of its people, are among the most important tourist factors that made the village a tourist attraction”.

Most of the sources and narrations indicate that the village was named as such, according to Haidar, in relation to the presence of an ancient wheat mill working by water, where the mill was combined with the beauty and charm of nature, in addition to the shape of flour that resembles Al-Halawa , ( sweet).

He pointed out that most of the village's 4000 residents work in agriculture while the other part of the people works in tourism and services, as the Halawa Mill enjoys a beautiful nature, fresh water, dense forests of multiple species with unique  perennial trees which have a height of 30 to 40 meters.

He stressed that among the other tourist and forestry symbols that distinguish the village, is the large spread of Syrian elm forests, in addition to the village's closeness to other archaeological monuments such as the ancient city of Apamea, while embracing areas that are originally ancient, such as the ancient Khan al-Halawa and others.

“In this period of the year, the village restaurants witness a heavy turnout of delegations and tourist groups who spend a whole day in the restaurant, where joy, fun, folk songs, charming nature views and popular dishes,” he added.

Abu Muhammad from Hama, says that one of the reasons for his family’s frequent visit to the village is that it is located in a geographical area where the plain and the mountain meet in a picturesque scene, which makes us eager to spend any holiday in the village, enjoying its scenery that brings comfort and joy to the souls.

Muhammad Saqr, a resident of the village, said that Al-Halawa Mill combines archaeological and tourist value at the same time, as it embraces ancient cultural and historical landmarks, in addition to the factors of tourist attractions that it enjoys, such as fresh water, green spaces,  the generosity of its people ,and its delicious food.

“All these advantages motivate locals and other tourists to visit the village, especially in the summer season, from early June until October,” he clarified.

It is worth mentioning that the Halawa Mill is located sixty-five kilometers northwest of the city of Hama, enjoying a wonderful view of the Al-Ghab Plain. The village is administratively affiliated to the municipality of Ain al-Krum and the Suqaylabiyah area.

 Amal Farhat