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A Promenade monitors the beauty of Wadi Qandil … “Magical place” with unique intersection of sea and nature

Wadi Qandil town is a wonderful area which is surrounded by pine forests and citrus fields. The town is located about 25 km to the north of Lattakia. It  is considered as one of the charming tourist destinations in the coastal region.

Wadi Qandil beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Syria  as its golden sands  stretch for about 2 km. Referred to by some as the “ magical place” , with the unique intersection of sea, mountain and river - to some it is the most beautiful beach on the area.


It  embraces  diverse visitors from families of limited income , to youths searching for a peaceful place to put up their tents and sleep on the beach , to others still looking for a weekend which can combine a quiet lazy day combined with noisy and boisterous  musical nights. Exploring the magical secrets of the charming nature in Wadi Qandil in Lattakia, attracted  adventurers of different ages  to explore the beauty of natural  paintings formed by the green gradations of  plane  and cedar trees. 

28 Participants took part in a  walking tour and  traversed a distance of 1.5 km along   “Zaghrine”  River to the shore of Wadi Qandil, with enthusiasm from the starting point for the splendor of the scenery and the unique beauty of the landscape.

Leader of  “Nature Magic Exploration” Team Muntajab Barakat , who is the organizer of the walking tour , told SANA  that the promenade  provided the participants  with a rich experience in enjoying the magic of nature, calm and tranquility, away from the pressures of life, pointing out that the end of the walk was at the shore of Wadi Qandil.

A number of participants stressed that they  are keen to take part  in such activities which  help them renew their energy and restore vitality and activity ,  enjoy outdoors with friends and entertain themselves away from the stress of work.

They  indicated  that nature should be the first and best choice  to get rid of feelings of stress and anxiety that a person is exposed to.

The participants underscored the importance of such activities  to shed light on the richness and distinctiveness of the Syrian nature. 


Rawaa Ghanam