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Kafr Dabel a Phoenician village

Kafr Dabel a village from Jableh countryside, distinguished by the beauty of its nature and its location. Going back to four thousand years, was inhabited by Phoenicians and Arameans, who maintained its name until now. Kafr Dabel was part to the Phoenician kingdom of Ciano.

The name Kafr Dabel is made up of two nouns in the Syriac language, "Kafr", which means home, village, or place; and "Debel" meaning the Saint.

It is about (12) km from Jableh, (200) meters above sea level. Its population is approximately (5,000) people. Kafar Dabel is known for the kindness and generosity of its people. During war, the village offered martyrs in defense of the beloved land of Syria, and its people resisted the Ottoman and French occupations vigorously.


Several farms are juristically aligned with Kafr Dabel like (Bazirin, Al-Nasswa, Beit Al-Allouni). The region is distinguished by its archaeological hills. Kafar dabil River, which is famous for its heavy flow and purity of water, on which the village residents depend on watering their orchards and crops from Kafr Dabel Dam. Most of its people work in growing vegetables and fruit trees such as citrus fruits, and olives.

In the village there are several schools for all levels, a pharmacy, a health center, and a wide range of shops, such as a blacksmith, carpentry and a home aluminum making.

Lama Razzouq