"Esh Alshwha" … A Charming Village Embraced by Two Opposite Mountains

"Esh Alshwha", (Alshwha Nest) is a beautiful and quiet village in Wadi Al-Nadara, Homs Governorate. It got its name from "Al-Shuha" bird, which is a bird of prey that builds its nests in the village's nearby hills and still inhabits it until now, as it shares the land with its  inhabitants, and feeds on the preys that are on that land.

The village extends over an area of approximately 300 dunums, about 45 km from the city of Homs. It is adjacent to Al- Hosn from the west, Al-Tallah from the south, and Al- Hawash from the east and north, as it is considered the main entrance to the Al- Nadara Valley.

Thanks to its charming location in a beautiful plain surrounded by all kinds of trees, flowers and wild roses between two mountains, in addition to its fresh air,  breathtaking nature and  moderate weather in summer, the village has become a destination for tourists to relax and enjoy the quiet, charming nature.

Most of its people work in agriculture in addition to cattle and sheep breeding. They grow wheat, corn and citrus fruits.They also work in beekeeping that relies on citrus trees.

The village enjoys a distinct urban character, which mixes the old with the modern, as the old village built with blue stone still exists and with it is  integrated the modern village, which gives a variety of architectural character to the village.

There are many archaeological and religious sites in the village in addition to an ancient church built of black basalt stone dating back more than 500 years.


Amal Farhat