Al-Daghla Village ... A charming mountain view

The village of Al-Daghla has a unique natural scenery, as it is 800 meters above sea level, which makes it a natural observatory of the surrounding villages, giving Al-Nadarah valley a green  expanse. It is as lofty as mountains, and pure as the purity of snow.

The name of the village is derived from the word jungle, which is dense trees. The history of this village dates back to nearly 600 years ago, when some peasants who were working in feudal lands during the Ottoman occupation gathered in the forest, cut down trees, and built homes for them and their families, and so the village was formed.

 Al-Daghla is about 60 km west of Homs and affiliated to the Al-Nassera sub-district as it extends on the slopes of Jabal al-Sayeh, "al-Sayeh Mountain" north of Wadi al-Nadara, with an area of approximately 300 dunums. Most of its inhabitants work in agriculture, where the cultivation of vine and figs is ranked first followed by the cultivation of apples and olives , as well as some seasonal crops such as wheat and corn in addition to cattle and poultry farming.

The village enjoys a moderate mountain climate, along with its charming and picturesque nature, which made it a quiet and pure resort for the city residents who flee the summer heat.

The large number of fresh natural water springs that spontaneously burst from its green land is the most important characteristic of the village that increases its shine, freshness and greenness, which made it a prominent tourist destination for tourists to enjoy its pure air, the charm of its picturesque nature and drink from its fresh water.


























Amal Farhat