Water of Zizoun spring in countryside of Daraa flows again after five-month drought

Daraa, (ST) - The Zizoun spring in the western countryside of Daraa returned to former water level after a drought that lasted 5 months due to the harsh over use of the spring  by digging wells  for agricultural purposes.

Engineer Muhammad Munir Al-Awda, Director of Water Resources, stated that the spring returned to its former flow with an abundance of 60 liters per second, pointing out that the start of the rainy season and the decline in water demand for agricultural purposes contributed to the return of water to the spring, which dried up in late June. He expects that spring water will rise to 200 liters per second.

The Director of Water Resources attributed the delay in the return of Al-Muzayrib Lake to its previous state due to the delay in the rainy season and to the presence of dozens of illegal wells .

It is noteworthy that the Zizoun and Muzayrib springs are considered among the most important sources of drinking water in the governorate of Daraa. The Muzayrib Lake, with an area of10.5 hectares, is the largest water body in the governorate, which is considered a destination for the summer, in addition to its importance as a source of drinking water.

Raghda Sawas