Dweir Baabda ... a world of beautiful nature combining modernity and tradition

The village of Dweir Baabda in the countryside of the city of Jableh in  Lattakia is unique with its charming view on  the plains of Banias, Jabla and Lattakia, its picturesque landscapes, and its houses  which  combine modernity and tradition and  still symbolize the simple rural life.

The village is about 50 km from the city center of Lattakia and about 650 meters above  the sea level. 

Head of Dweir Baabda municipality Eng. Engineer Hussein al-Mouahad  said  that Dweir in Baabda is characterized by its fertile soil, which is suitable for planting all types of crops, such as citrus fruits, olives, apples and other fruit trees, in addition to seasonal vegetables and tobacco.

Al-Mouhad pointed out that the village contains a trade center and industrial workshops, in addition to a number of development projects under implementation, including a sewing workshop, food facilities and others for the manufacture of irrigation pipes and detergents.  These projects   would supply the market with local products and provide job opportunities for the people of the village and neighboring villages.

He underlined  that the village is witnessing an active movement thanks to the trade  center , as well as its location on the road leading to Dalieh and Wadi al-Qala, which are  distinctive tourist destinations in summer and winter.

Rawaa Ghanam