Kafarayya village in Lattakia ... a distinctive destination for exploration enthusiasts

Kafarayya  River Valley and its tributaries is one of the distinctive destinations for exploration enthusiasts, with its virgin forests, fresh springs and waterfalls  and what makes it more beautiful is the spread of caves, fishing terraces and canals carved in the rock along its stretch and other beautiful landscapes that could be wonderful paintings. .

The village of Kafarayya  is located at the foot of a hill  of a height ranging between 200 and 500 meters in Al-Haffeh region .  It still preserves  many archaeological monuments, according to Bashar Shakouhi, a resident of the region and a fan of exploration and camping.

 Shakouhi points out that “Qena Malaki”  (The Kings Canal)  and its dam  is one of the most important ruins  of the valley, adding that its last restoration dates back to the Roman era by Marco Antonio in 34 BC.

Shakouhi, who accompanied many exploratory groups to the region, told SANA  that crossing the valley that extends for a distance of 4 km  requires strenuous hiking and traversing the rugged areas as the valley includes in some parts pools of unknown depth  in addition to dozens of waterfalls, some of which reach a height of more than 9 meters.  

Shakouhi noted the importance of preserving this pristine nature by visitors and camping enthusiasts and not polluting it and setting it on fire to remain sparkling, green and attractive to tourists..

Rawaa Ghanam