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Syria International Caricature Exhibition, in its 17th session, celebrates the great poet Nizar Qabbani

Damascus, (ST) – The 17th session of  the Syrian  International Caricature Exhibition which is currently being held in Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts Hall  celebrated the great Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani, the poet of love and beauty  and who was considered as a symbol of Damascene  Jasmine.

The exhibition included nearly 100 paintings by artists from 75 countries. This event is being held for the third year in a row. It celebrated creative Syrian symbols , starting with the late artist Nidal Sejri and the writer Muhammad Al-Maghout.

500 artists competed for the exhibition competition prizes. The jury included Peruvian artists Walter Toscano, the Portuguese Antonio Santas, the Egyptian Omar Al-Siddiq, and from Syria, Bushra Al-Hakim, Mowafak Makhoul, Raed Khalil, and the critic Saad Al-Qasim.

The exhibition presented promotional prizes to each of the artists Ramez Hajj Hussein and Muhammad Al-Ali, and for the smallest participation by Gori Abu Al-Sil, and the poet Amir Samawi.

Cultural Festivity held in Lattakia to Honor Creative, Talented Syrian Children

“ caring about Syria’s children is a very important issue that necessitates collective efforts by the family, the society and the government as Syria’s children are the future generation who will take part effectively in rebuilding Syria , the land of peace , culture and civilization” Malak Yassin,  Head of the child’s Culture Directorate at the Ministry of Culture said in a statement to the Syriatimes e-newspaper on the sideline of the  “childhood and innovation “ festivity held recently at Dar Al-Assad for Culture in Lattakia.

Syria takes part in the international Elixir exhibition of Shmoua Alsalam Association

With the participation of artists from thirty-five  countries including Syria, Shmoua Alsalm ( Peace candles ) Association holds the International Elixir exhibition at the Cultural Center in Kafarsouseh  from the 18th until the 25th February. 

On the sidelines of the opening ceremony , poetic and artistic activities were organized during which   storyteller Rana Ali expressed her happiness at holding this  exhibition because Syria has always been a land of love and peace.

Artist Reem Kabtan in "Sufi Love" Exhibition

Paintings in the exhibition (A Sufi Love) for the artist Reem Kabtan at the Abu Rummaneh. cultural center have intertwined color with Arabic calligraphy.

The exhibition, which was opened on Sunday and will last until the 20th  February , displayed  22 oil and acrylic paintings depicting Sufism art,calligraphy words and  portraits of women's faces.

The displayed works reflect mystical love, spirituality and emotional expressions 

Reem told the Syria Times e-newspaper: “ I was inspired with the idea of this exhibition from the close relationship between man and the Creator which for me is Sufism - the highest rank of love”.

Dummar Cultural Complex holds a symposium on the reality of translation and its prospects

Last Tuesday “Windows project” hosted Dr. Thaer Zain Al-Din, Director General of the Syrian Book Organization, and Professor Hussam Khaddour, Director of Translation with at Dummar Cultural Complex, as part of a symposium entitled "Translation, Reality and Horizons"

Dr. Zein Al-Din started the symposium by talking about the history of translation and its stages of development, stressing the importance of the role of translators in translating the most important international books and transferring knowledge and civilizations of other nations, which contributes to openness to the other world.