Wounded Syrian Soldiers Club’s members play active role in society


He is one of the wounded Syrian soldiers and co-founder of the Association of Wounded Syrian Soldiers Club, which was officially launched last month, after four years of hard work in offering psychological support and entertainment to many wounded soldiers in Syria.

Sami Mlhem, 30 years-old, told the Syriatimes e-newspaper that the idea of the club, founded by volunteers, is based on “wounded soldier helps wounded soldier” and it aims to provide psychological support and entertainment to wounded soldiers in the country.

Belarusian diplomat to ST: The first-ever Belarusian cinema Festival in Syria will boost friendly relations


For the first time in the history of bilateral relations established between Syria and Belarus 25 years ago, a Belarusian cinema festival is scheduled to kick off on Saturday in Tartous province in Syria for three days.

The three-day activity, organized by Syrian Ministry of Culture and the Embassy of Belarus, comes few weeks after the performance of concert by a Belarusian national dance team at Damascus Opera House.

These cultural activities come among the plan of the Belarussian embassy in Syria to enhance friendly relations between the peoples of Belarus and Syria, according to the ambassador of the Republic of Belarus in Damascus Mr. Alexander Ponomarev, who was interviewed by the Syriatimes e-newspaper on Thursday.

Mr. Ponomarev told us that the first-ever Belarusian cinema days, or what we can call it ‘Belarusian cinema festival’, will start from Tartous province because we have special invitation from the governor of the province. “Last month, the Belarusian dance team got a very warm welcome in Syria and then we came up to the idea of holding this festival, which is a first trial that I hope to be held in the other cities in Syria.”

German Plastic Artist Ursula Baher Dies after Her Dream to Exhibit Her Artworks in Damascus Has Come True

DAMASCUS– The 58-old-year German artist Ursula Baher died Tuesday in Damascus after long suffering with illness, SANA reported.

Yesterday, Baher opened her exhibition under the title “Rising from the Ashes” at Dar al-Assad for Culture and Arts, making her last wish to showcase her artworks in the heart of Damascus a dream that comes true.

In a press statement after opening her exhibition, Baher sent a message to the Syrian people in which she expressed her love to all Syrians and her confidence that they have achieved victory because they are right.

5th STEPS International Short Film Festival Encourages Energetic Syrian Youths to Present Their Creative Cinematic Skills

"Cinema is a historical document and a living memory that can’t be put out. the Syrian cinema has played an important and distinguished role in documenting and archiving what has been taking place in Syria since the very beginning of the terrorist war against the country to keep these memories alive for future generations”, Majd Younes Ahmed, the director of the 5th STEPS International Short Films Festival ( SIFF) , who is also an actor and a theatre director said in a statement to the Syriatimes e- newspaper.

The four-day event was recently held by the Syrian Youth Council (SYC) in cooperation with the General Establishment for Cinema (GEC) under the patronage of the Culture  Ministry at” Dar Al-Assad for Culture” in Lattakia province.

Ahmed clarified that SIFF is an annual cultural event held in Lattakia governorate due to its deep-rooted civilization and rich cultural heritage. It sends the world a message from the Syrian youths that the Syrians, despite the fierce hostile schemes to undermine Syria’s culture, civilization, history and infrastructure, are able to overcome all difficulties and produce creative works.

Find Your Passion and Seek It

Finding one's passion isn't an easy work, particularly under eventful days of job that take a lot of one's time and energy. Sometimes it takes long years for one to figure out what his/her passion is, but, as one of the proverbs say: " better late than never".

"Find your passion and seek it" is an important message expressed by Syrian artist Lama al-Hassanieh in her first solo photography exhibition "EUREKA" ( I find it), currently taking place at Khan Asa'ad Basha in ancient Damascus under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, General-Directorate of Antiquities and Museums.