Traditional Syrian costumes,and handcrafts are on display at Khan As’ad Pasha, Old Damascus

Damascus, (ST): The splendor of Syrian heritage and folklore was clearly manifested  in the exhibition that was organized  by the Ministry of Culture in Khan Asa’d Pasha in Old Damascus. On  display are  various folkloric costumes from diverse environments and  the beautiful handcrafts that reflect the rich and deep-rooted cultural heritage of the country.

The halls of the Khan were ornamented with colorful costumes from various Syrian governorates and their countryside to remind the audience of the greatness of the past and great achievements of our ancestors, their tales and lasting imprints.

The exhibition displays the beauty of the Syrian  handcrafts, musical instruments, Damascene swords and wood carving and painting on glass and copper, mosaics, Arabesques and handmade looms, pottery, glass, silk handkerchief and other handcrafts that reflect the genius mentality of Syrian handcraftsmen and their elegant taste in manufacturing various objects that meet sundry uses.

In a press statement, Minister of Culture Lubana Mushaweh said that the aim of the event is to present the Syrian heritage, reactivating it, and passing these crafts to the coming generations.

The Ornina Forum highlights the creativity ... and aesthetics of various artistic experiences

More than 60 paintings by 18 professional and young artists whose ages range between 22 and 80 years old adorned the walls and corridors of Al-Zahrawi Palace as it hosted the second Plastic Exhibition of the Ornina Cultural Forum.

On the importance of the exhibition, Ahmed Akash, Director of Tourism said that holding the exhibition plays a big role in revitalizing the cultural movement in the city after the long hiatus due to the Corona pandemic.

Celebrating Syrian Culture Days ... A stage dancing show

Entitled "Spirit of the East, Mosaic"

Homs,(ST)- As part of the Homs Culture Directorate's celebration of the of Syrian culture Days, the Gabala dancing squad showcased a theatrical show entitled "The Spirit of the East, Mosaic" at the House of Culture. The squad dancers whose ages range between 6 and 23 years old performed with a high level of professionalism, a number of dancing shows in Arab and foreign songs and musical pieces that reflect the spirit of the East and won the admiration of the audience.

Recently Released ... New Play by Joan Jan

The Ministry of Culture, the Syrian General Authority for Book, the Children's Publications have released a new play entitled “Do Re, Me, Abjad Hawaz” by the playwright Joan Jan, the editor-in-chief of the Theatrical Life periodical magazine, which contains sixty pages of medium size.

The author says that the play talks about a kingdom threatened by a group of trolls that want to break into the kingdom, destroy it and displace its people. The three sons of the king try to confront them, each in his own way, but they fail because each of them has his own opinion and does not consult with the other. A girl arrives from another kingdom to buy medicine for her sick mother. She offers her help to the king to get rid of the trolls through dialogue  and music.She succeeds in her work, and the trolls are expelled from the city.

Syrian Culture Days...Several Artistic Events carried out.

Homs, (ST)- The Directorate of Culture in Homs recently held a number of cultural and artistic activities to celebrate the Syrian Cultural Days at the House of Culture including an art exhibition and workshops for drawing, Arabic calligraphy and recycling of some materials to create environmentally friendly items, as well as for use in homes.