“A step on the Silk Road from Damascus to China” ... an exhibition by Syrian artist Walid Ali in China

 The second exhibition by Syrian plastic artist  Walid Ali was opened in Yantai city in  Shandong Province, China, under the title “A Step on the Silk Road from Damascus to China”.

The exhibition displayed  more than 100 art paintings  expressing the Syrian civilization and the deep Syrian-Chinese relations  through the Silk Road, which formed a strong link  between  the two civilizations.

 Artist Walid Ali  highly valued the historical ties between the two countries , noting that this exhibition is a continuation of what he presented in his  first exhibition last year.

Artist Rania Ma’sarani participates in First Virtual Plastic Art Exhibition in Ukraine

Syrian plastic artist Rania Ma’sarani has taken part in the First Virtual Plastic Art Exhibition in Ukraine through a small sculpture representing a Palmyrene woman.

About the importance of the exhibition, Ma’sarani said that “it is an opportunity for communication between the participating artists and the public in Ukraine, especially in the light of the spread of the Corona pandemic. This virtual exhibition helped the Syrian community and those interested in art in Ukraine to know about the artwork of many Syrian plastic artists.”

She made it clear that “the difficult circumstances in which we live have not been able to stop the creativity of Syrian artists. Electronic exhibitions carry the message of the Syrian culture to the world, especially in the light of the difficulty of traveling and holding exhibitions in reality at art galleries around the world.”

Fahed Ballan, the Syrian Icon in France

-  You are Syrians?

- Yes!

-  We know Ghawar (Doreed Laham) and Fahed Balaan from Syria.

A conversation that I have well preserved in my mind as a teenager, back in the nineties when I was living in France with my family. My father who was a devoted adherent of the Syrian culture, and deeply believed that only through culture we could traverse to the other side; has frequently organized gatherings of the Syrian community in France, in order to get in touch with other Syrians and  recall memories of homeland, especially through nostalgic Arabic music and folkloric sings, like those of Fahed Ballan. Yet, in those reunions, you will most probably find Arabs from all the Arab countries, who were so familiar with two prominent names in the Syrian cultural scene: Doreed Laham and Fahed Ballan.

Fahed Balan the renowned Syrian singer outside Syria has finally been honored inside his country and in his hometown Sweida, where the world of art converged with the world of music and singing, to create a memorial statuette of the late artist Fahd Ballan, which was exposed in Qanawat town in appreciation of his artistic and humanitarian career in the presence of a number of interested in artistic and cultural activities.

Syrian “Orjowan” Choral Participates in World Choir Festival on Music for Peace

The World Choir Festival on Music for Peace  organized  the digital edition of the world choir festival due to  Covid 19 situation on  the 28-29 th of November . The festival  is devoted to peace, friendship and brotherhood .   

The Syrian “ Orjowan”  Choral   ( The Adult Choir)  is  participating  in the World  Choir Festival on Music for  Peace  which is  broadcasted on foreign TV channels and social media on Saturday and Sunday. 

The founder of  “Orjowan” choir  Bisher Issa  told  SANA that the participation of a Syrian choral along with 72 choirs  from all over the world in an international musical event, which symbolizes peace and love,  is clear evidence  of the Syrian  people's deep-rooted culture and civilization, especially since the participating choirs were selected from among hundreds choirs .

Palestinian music composer Hussain Nazek honored in Damascus

Damascus (ST): In appreciation of his rich archive which is full of great compositions at the local and Arab levels including TV programs and theatrical performances, Palestinian music composer Hussein Nazek  was honored within the framework of the Syrian Cultural Days. 

Nazek was born in the occupied Jerusalem city in 1942.After the Palestinian Nakba he moved to several places before residing in Damascus in 1969.

He started his career as a musician playing several eastern and western instruments. When he came to Syria, Nazek worked in Syrian radio and TV. He also contributed to preserving Palestinian musical folklore and founded several bands, the most important of which was “ The Lovers’ Band”.