Contemporary artistic visions by 150 artists of different generations at the Autumn Fair 2020

Khan As'aad Pasha in Old Damascus today hosted the annual Autumn Exhibition, which included dozens of contemporary artistic visions created by 150 plastic artists representing several generations and reflecting various styles, contents and schools of art.

The techniques of the works participating in the exhibition, which was held within the activities of the Syrian Plastic Art Days, varied between oil painting, graphics and sculpture in addition to experimental works that  deal with topics about women, the silent nature and Arabic calligraphy in different sizes and techniques.

The Minister of Culture, Dr. Loubana Mouchaweh praised the magnificence of the works participating in the exhibition, highlighting the creativity of both veteran and young artists, calling on the culture and art-loving audience to visit the exhibition and enrich their aesthetic taste and to acquire artworks in order to encourage artists to continue their artistic march.

Director of fine arts, the sculptor Emad Kasshut, said in a statement to SANA, “The Autumn Fair is an annual event that has not stopped throughout the years of the war. It is getting more and more diverse every year. This year it is held within the activities of the "Plastic Arts Days", as we tried to select the most important works among those submitted for participation", stressing that the Ministry of Culture is the primary supporter of Syrian art and artist.

Plastic artist Maha Mahfouz, head of the Damascus branch of plastic artists, admired the various works of the exhibition, which constitute, as she said, a state of dialogue and gathering for several generations of artists and prove the ability of the Syrian artist to create despite the difficult circumstances.

A collective Exhibition in Aleppo Marking the 4thanniversary of its Liberation from Terrorism

With the participation of 29 plastic artists, a collective exhibition was opened at  Al-Assad Gallery for Fine Arts in the city of Aleppo, marking the  fourth anniversary of its liberation from terrorism. The exhibition  included 40 artworks of oil, acrylic and sculpture  .  

Ahmed Nassif, head of the Aleppo branch of the Fine Artists Union told SANA  that the exhibition  showcased art works which  embody the city of Aleppo and its castle and prove that this city will continue  its  march of unique art and glory.  

In turn, Ibrahim Daoud, head of the exhibitions committee at Aleppo branch of Fine Artists Union  pointed out that this exhibition is an annual activity commemorating the victory of the city of Aleppo against terrorism, stressing that the exhibits are a reflection of the joy of this great victory.  

The plastic artist Suzan Hussein believed  that these collective exhibitions are a gesture that encourage artists to continue working, especially on such an important anniversary and it should be renewed every year. 

Among the participants in the exhibition was Dr. Muhammad Khatami , who pointed out that his  mosaic panels in  the exhibition  embodied  the landmarks and monuments of the historical city of Aleppo.  

The participant Amani Sawas used green color in her paintings to express hope for the future and human regeneration, as it is a bright color that symbolizes life, especially after the long years of war which  passed creating  the effects of suffering,  sadness and pain.

“War travelers” Film wins the best actor and screenplay awards at the Jerusalem International Film Festival

The feature film ‘War Travelers’ achieved a distinguished presence in the fifth edition of the Jerusalem International Film Festival by winning the best screenplay and best actor awards for the great artist Ayman Zidan for his role in this film.

"War Travelers"  is directed by Joud Saeed, who co-wrote the script with the artist Ayman Zaidan. The film speaks about a group of Syrians chasing after their dreams, creating joy and love in the midst of war.

Orchestra "chamber music" Comedas plays pieces of Armenian heritage for opera audiences

The Orchestra chamber music Comedas of the Armenian Youth Association in Aleppo, led by Sarkis Iskanian, held a musical evening at the opera theater of Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts.

The musical evening's program was characterized by a combination of pieces of music from the East and the West. The orchestra was keen to familiarize the audience with the Armenian heritage music, where the musician and author Comedas is considered as godfather through his work in the collection of more than three thousand songs.

Yasmine Al-Saleh ... Her innate talent sparked her creativity

The art arena embraces many distinguished talents that have managed to prove themselves and occupy a prominent place in the world of art, as the talent opens wide horizons for the artist.

Artist, Yasmine Al-Saleh, is one of the artists who have proven themselves in the world of plastic art thanks to her innate talent, as she was able to innovate in the field of plastic art, presenting artworks that varied between drawing and sculpture and leaves her own touch and personality in every work she did.