The Damascus Orchestra celebrates Christmas nights with a concert at the Al-Hamra Theater

 The Damascus Orchestra has presented a distinct lyrical combination of traditional ,patriotic and Christmas songs  to the audience of the Hamra theater.

The evening began with a musical performance by composer Adnan Fathallah, followed by Muwashah Andalusi (I said why), and a sketch of love for the Rahbani brothers.

Muhammad Zaghloul, leader of the Damascus Orchestra, stated that the evening, titled Evening of Love and Birth, comes within the joys of the glorious birthdays and the New Year.

Zaghloul added that the goal of the evening is to deliver a message that Syria, despite sadness pain and siege, lives the joys of the holidays.

Dr. Al-Sayyed: "West's campaigns against our Arabic language target both our culture and religion"

Deputy Director of the Arabic Language Academy in Damascus, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Sayyed believes that the "campaigns launched by the West against our language target both our culture and religion, as Arabic is the symbol of Arab-Islamic civilization, and it is an element of unity for Arabs and for all races living on the Arab land, including the Kurds, the Turkmen, the Charax  and the Armenians.

In a statement to SANA, Dr. Al-Sayyed highlighted the position of Arabic language as one of the pillars of the cultural diversity of the entire humanity and one of the most used languages in the world.

A Collective Art Exhibition in Lattakia Marking Syrian Plastic Art Days

With the participation of 43 artists belonging to different generations and schools of art, Al-Bassel Gallery for Exhibitions in Lattakia  hosted  a collective art exhibition  organized by  the Fine Artists Union branch there in cooperation with the Directorate of Culture in Lattakia.

The event, which was held within the activities  of the Syrian Plastic Art Days, combined  between artworks by prominent  high-qualified artists  and young ones. 

The exhibits  varied between painting with a multiplicity of techniques oil, acrylic, graphics and sculpture .Wood and stone formed the two main materials in the participating sculptures.

Head of the Plastic Artists Union branch in Lattakia, Farid Raslan, told SANA  that the exhibition displayed artworks which represent  various schools  including  realism, expressionism and abstract.

A photo exhibition in Aleppo documenting the suffering of its people due to crimes of terrorist organizations

Celebrating the fourth anniversary of Aleppo victory, the Baath Forum hosted at Baghdad station a photo exhibition entitled “Memory of a City” documenting the suffering of the city of Aleppo and its people at the hands of terrorist organizations.

Badr Al-Sayed, the supervisor of the exhibition, noted that the exhibition includes about 40 pictures that document the crimes that the city of Aleppo and its people lived through, and the siege that it was subjected to. The exhibition gives a message to all people that Aleppo remained steadfast and solid as it is the city of history, antiquity and steadfastness.

Photojournalist George Orfalian underlined the importance of the exhibition in documenting the effects of destruction and devastation left by terrorism in Aleppo through the shells, car bombs, and explosions targeting it. He asserted that he relied on the photographs he took of the city on documenting the painful moments it experienced. He asserted that he will continue in documenting the effects of terrorist attacks and the reconstruction operations.

“ Soil and Water” A Syrian Film Depicting Syrians’ Confrontation of Economic Blockade

The Syrian " Soil  and Water" movie  ,  which is currently being shot  in several areas of Syria reflects the Syrian citizen’s resistance to difficult circumstances in various details of their life.  

The film is directed by Ali Al-Maghout and produced by the General  Establishment for Cinema.

The movie  deals with economic and social issues  caused by  the economic blockade imposed on  Syria ,  their repercussions on the lives of  Syrians  and the troubles they face. 

 “ Soil  and Water” film depends on a  Docudrama  style which  records some details of the daily life in Syria, combining  in an unconventional dialectic between  the present time and the past.