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Science, Culture and Arts Festival kicks off at Al-Wadi University in Homs

Plastic art and its relationship to architecture is the title of the first day of the Science, Culture and Arts Festival, which was launched at Al-Wadi University in Homs with the participation of the National Union of Syrian Students, Al-Wadi University Branch, the Plastic Artists Union, the Al-Adiyat and Expatriate Friends Associations and the Homs Culture Directorate

About 30 artists with 42 paintings representing various expressive, abstract and classic art schools participated in the activities of the first day of the festival.

The National Association for Tourism Development Highlights Syrian Traditional Handicrafts

With the aim of preserving  and encouraging learning Syrian traditional handicrafts,  the National Association for Tourism Development   in Syria has  recently held  a cultural event under the title “ Our tourism is our wealth” at the cultural center in Abu Rummaneh in Damascus.  

The event, which included organizing an exhibition on displaying  various traditional handicrafts and industries mastered by creative hands, aimed to support the projects of women and youths in an attempt to  provide job opportunities and revive heritage crafts  which Syria is famous for.

The National Film Organization announces the results of the 2021 Short Film Competition

On March 31st, the National Film Organization announced the results of the short texts competition to choose the best script for two short fictional films in the fields of children's and current reality cinema.

In the category of children's cinema, the prize was equally awarded by each of the two scripts of the film “Salma” by journalist Muhammad Samir Tahan, and “A Difficult Corner” by Ayham A’rsan.

In the category of current reality cinema text, the prize was awarded to the script of the film “Entering to Outside” by lotus Masoud.

This competition was launched last September to support young talents in the seventh art and to give them good production opportunities.


O. al-Mohammad

Land Day Exhibition 2021 highlights resistance culture and Palestinian heritage

Damascus (ST): The works of the artists participating in the annual Land Day Exhibition 2021 have adopted new methods in expressing  the cause of the Palestinian people , the right of return and adherence to the land with new techniques and ideas that were not in the previous years' exhibitions.

Oil painting dominated the works of the exhibition held by the Union of Palestinian Plastic Artists in the People's Hall in Damascus, with less presence of sculpture, engraving, and posters .

Artist Abdel Mo'ati Abu Zeid, President of the Union said in a statement that the exhibition includes 44 works by 34 artists that were carefully selected from among dozens in order to achieve a distinguished leap from previous years' exhibitions, indicating that each participant addressed his topic with new experiences, techniques and colors while devoting the presence of heritage, the formation of the Palestinian home, family relations, belonging to the land, and adherence to the right of return.

Festivity of Syrian Trust for Development on the occasion of the establishment of the first Syrian shadow theater team

Damascus, (ST) - Twenty young men and women worked to preserve Syrian heritage through a collective work during the years of war to establish the first Syrian shadow theater team.

The Syrian Trust for Development, within the frame of preserving “the Syrian heritage" recently  organized  a celebration of "Syrian shadow theater team" coinciding  with the “World Theater Day” on the stage of the drama theater in Dar Al-Assad for Culture and Arts.

The aim of the Syrian Trust for Development from this activity is to preserve the Syrian heritage and employ it in the development of Syria and the renewal of its societies.