Should one tell the truth...!?

 Should one tell the truth...!? Truth is sacred and any aggression on it is an act of sacrilege which must be resisted by all means and methods. We must defend it at all times and whatever circumstances may be.

It has been said that truth is bitter. It is bitter because many people hate it. They hate truth because it shows their faults. The refuse, even inside themselves, to admit the truth. They tend to hide their heads like an ostrich.

Hence, we can see that truth is sometimes harmful to the person  who tell it because he or she will bear the the consequences. It is also harmful to those people to whom it is told because it shows them what they hide.

Therefore, one who tells the truth seems in the eyes of some, guilty and an aggressor.

But truth is pure whether or not satisfactory to those who hear it. There is no doubt that telling the truth nowadays is a matter which needs strong will as well as strong personality. This is a virtue which a few people possess. He who has this virtue is a man with strong will and noble emotion.