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The premiere of the Syrian epic (Rhapsody) musical work at Expo 2020 Dubai next February

Damascus (ST): As part of the cultural program organized by the Syrian Arab Republic pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, it will present on February 7 at the Jubilee Theater the premiere of the epic musical work, the Syrian Rhapsody, signed by musician Iyad Al-Rimawi, in cooperation with the Syrian Trust for Development and sponsored by Cham Wings.

The Syrian Rhapsody is the first musical work dedicated to celebrating the history of collective singing in Syria and the world. It was composed and distributed by Al-Rimawi, with the participation of more than 100 musicians and singers, led by Maestro Misak Baghboudrian.


The audience will live with a unique cultural experience through a visual presentation of music that brings together three thousand years of musical history, as the work begins with a new vision of the oldest musical notation known to the world, which is the Nikal hymn discovered on a clay tablet dating back to more than 1400 BC in the Syrian city of Ugarit.

In a press statement, the Ambassador of the Syrian Arab Republic to the UAE and Commissioner-General of the Syrian Pavilion at the Expo, Dr. Ghassan Abbas said "we wanted our message to the world through Expo 2020 Dubai to be a message of unity, harmony and love through music, inviting music lovers to attend the world premiere of " The Syrian Rhapsody." He expressed his gratitude to Expo Dubai for giving this opportunity to share this work with the world.

The Syria Trust for Development is working to protect and promote the Syrian cultural identity as a national development organization that participates in the production of this international Syrian work.

Member of the Trust’s Board of Trustees, Fares Kallas, spoke about this participation, indicating that the Syrian cultural identity is rich and the Trust is committed to protecting and enriching it for future generations.