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The Palestinian Cause is most prominent in the small painting Exhibition

The Palestinian Plastic Artists Union, in cooperation with the Cultural Center in Abu Rummaneh in Damascus, held an exhibition of artists representing both the veteran and youth categories belonging to different art schools.

Some 35 small-sized paintings were displayed in the exhibition. These paintings, which dealt with different subjects, methods and art schools, embodied the Palestinian cause in all its stations, as well as the silent nature.

The head of the Palestinian Plastic Artists Union, Abdel Mu'ti Abu Zeid, considered that the participation of generations in one exhibition reflects the depth of belonging to a lofty cause such as Palestine, especially since the exhibition includes Syrian and Palestinian artists, which he described as normal because they ar one culture and in one militant trench.


With regard to her participation in the exhibition, artist Kholoud Karimo indicated that her painting embodied the steadfastness of women in all fields, especially during the war period.

Artist Ibrahim Mumina mentioned the need to devote a sense of struggle in art, which contained talents capable of proving their artistic and national identity.

In his two paintings, artist Moataz al-Umari focused on the issue of migration and its negative effects on man and society, using acrylic on canvas.

The role of women in society, homeland, and education, in addition to the homes of Jerusalem, is the subject of a painting by Mahmoud Abdullah, whose works belong to the expressive school.

Artist Hanan Ibrahim, through her use of drawing anemones next to a  woman, expressed the meanings of love, tenderness and the blood of the martyr, using oil colors and knife engraving.

Nature was the main theme that the artist Eva Al Abbas expressed in her painting using acrylic colors in an abstract and expressive style, while space represented the painting of the artist Samah Zarzour using new and modern artistic visions in the acrylic style on canvas.

The painting by artist Abeer Karimo expresses the strength, beauty, and role of women in the present era, while the artist Fathi Saleh Al-Hussein embodied the humanitarian situations resulting from the consequences of the war in a surreal expressive manner.

In a statement to SANA, the head of the Abu Rummaneh Cultural Centre, Rabab Ahmed said that the diversity of art schools and the experiences of veteran and young artists had added a new visual vision to the exhibition, particularly since the participating works had reflected the Palestinian cause by Syrian and Palestinian artists.

Amal Farhat