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UNESCO honors Syrian Qanun Orchestra for its active participation in WMC

DAMASCUS, Jan.3, (ST)-The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has honored the Syrian Qanun Orchestra “Rojenda” for its active participation in the World Music Conference (WMC), which was held in Birmingham, England.
According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), UNESCO selected the conductor and founder of the orchestra, Aouj Ziyad Abu Zaid, as the musical ambassador of Syria to the world.
The agency quoted Abu Zaid as saying that the orchestra was among the group of professors, experts and researchers in music sciences and theories and musical ambassadors , who participated in the conference. 
During the conference, 4 different musical pieces were performed by the orchestra, which relied on presenting the Syrian heritage of different provinces.
Abu Zaid stressed that Rojenda orchestra seeks to become an international orchestra that raises the name of Syria high in all international forums.
Rojenda Orchestra was established in 2019 in Sweida province and it includes a group of students from the Oriental Department at the Farid Al-Atrash Institute for Music in Sweida.
Basma Qaddour