The 24th Homs Theater Festival kicks off at the Palace of Culture

Under the patronage of the Minister of Culture, Dr. Loubana Mouchaweh, the Artists Syndicate, Homs Branch, in cooperation with the Directorate of Theatres, Music, and National Theater in Homs holds the 24th Homs Theater Festival on the stage of the Palace of Culture in Homs from 11 November to January 5.


During the days of the festival, a variety of theatrical performances will be shown, including, "Women of Lorca" by Garcia Lorca, prepared and directed by Hussein Nasser, "The Wedding" by Anton Chekhov directed by Fahd Al-Rahmoun, “The Professor - Priest of Truth “ written and directed by Rawad Ibrahim, “A Night That Didn’t Happen” by  Abdel Nabi Al-Zaidi and directed by Hashem Ghazal. The monodrama “Containers Without a Homeland”  by Qasem Matroud and directed and represented by Muhannad Zaidani, “In the Hole” by Obeida Bitar, prepared and directed Ayham Aisha, and finally the play “The Sheep” by Stanislav Stratiev and directed by Zine El Abideen Tayyar..

All performances take place at six o'clock at the Palace of Culture in Homs.

Amal Farhat