Syrian cartoonist Raed Khalil wins prizes at two international competitions

Syrian cartoonist Raed Khalil has won prizes in two international competitions held in South Korea and Croatia.

Caricaturists from all over the world took part in these contests.

Khalil won a prize at the 10th Sejong International Cartoon Contest in Korea for an artwork that depicted wars and the American arrogance and destructive role in all countries of the world.

His wining work showed the American helmet taking the form of a “cockroach” that dies lying on his back due to the total failure of his nervous system.

 His second prize was obtained at the 1st International Cartoon Exhibition ZeGeBOOM in Croatia in which 154 cartoonists from 42 countries participated. The cartoonist Khalil's painting symbolically shed light on those who promote the American propaganda and spread its ideas, while in essence it burns those who hide behind it.

In a statement to SANA, Khalil said that the winning artworks come within the framework of the political mission and characteristics of the art of caricature and its essential function in shedding light on problems and helping in finding solutions.

Rawaa Ghanam