276 innovative works displayed in Al-Basel Exhibition for Creativity and Invention

Damascus-SA (ST): The 20th session of the Al-Basel Exhibition for Creativity and Invention, which is organized by the Ministry of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection in cooperation with the Syrian Inventors Association and the General Organization for International Fairs and Markets, kicked off and will continue until October 28, at the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at Damascus University.

In the twentieth session, organized in a strategic partnership with Syriatel, 276 innovative works were presented, the largest share of which is in the field of technology, with 117 works, followed by the electrical field, 52 works, then the medical field 45, mechanical engineering 29, and chemistry 14, in addition to ten participations in reconstruction and nine in the field of design, production and construction.


The results of the winners in each axis will be released next Saturday, according to the Director of Commercial and Industrial Property Protection, Shafiq Al-Azab. The winners in the first place from each axis will receive one million pounds, the second will receive 750,000 pounds, and the third will receive 500,000 pounds, in addition to the two awards from the World Intellectual Property Organization “WIPO” for the distinguished, according to the opinion of the Scientific Research Committee.

In conjunction with the start of the 20th session, in which inventors from Iraq participated, a YouTube channel was launched for the Al-Basel Exhibition for Creativity and Invention, which contains a variety of videos in the field of creativity and invention.

In a press statement, the Minister of Internal Trade and Consumer Protection, Amr Salem, said that the exhibition includes important and applicable inventions on the ground, and there are many participations from the young generation, stressing the follow-up to them and overcoming the obstacles that stand in front of them and work to put them into practice, through coordination between the ministry, chambers of industry and investors.