A Syrian sculptor recalls the incident of Newton's apple at a Russian art forum

Moscow (ST):  Artist Issa Deeb recalled the famous Newton apple incident in a realistic and expressive manner during his participation in a sculptural work in the international forum organized by the Russian Belgorod Technological University. The sculpture of Deeb, participating in the forum, came in the form of a white block on a base, using alabaster, which is characterized by its strong whiteness and hardness, deliberately showing the details of the apple tree and the falling fruits in the form of clear and geometrically parallel lines.

The forum, organized by Belgorod University, one of the oldest Russian universities, was attended by Arab and Russian artists, and bears the name of Russian engineer Vladimir Shukhov, one of the world's pioneers of structural engineering and designer of the famous Moscow Tower.


Regarding his participation in the forum, artist Deeb said " I was invited by Belgorod University to participate in the forum, which is being held on the sixtieth anniversary of the university’s founding.

About the alabaster that he used as a material for his sculpture, he said: Alabaster is a noble and very appetizing material for me to perform sculptural works, and it is characterized by its hardness, transparency, resistance to weather factors, and the scarcity of technical problems.

His choice of expressive realism came as a framework for his work because it makes him tell a story through his sculptural works and gives him wide possibilities to leave his mark and enrich the artwork with elements.

The graduate of the Sculpture Department at the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1988 added, “We Syrians created legends and made each work a story. The artist must present a story during his work. In this work, I touched on Newton’s apple, which gave him the idea of discovering the law of gravity and the tree has a romantic presence and a very important presence in our history and conscience.”