A Documentary series on the most prominent intellectual and cultural figures in Aleppo

The teacher Abdel Qader Baddour, who is also interested in cultural affairs, has managed to work out a documentary series on the literary, intellectual and artistic figures in Aleppo.

Baddour, who graduated from the Arab Institute of Music and currently occupies the presidency of the United Arab Association for Literature and Arts in Aleppo, grew up in a rich cultural environment since his childhood.


Baddour's interest in the most distinguished cultural personalities prompted him to launch a comprehensive and diverse cultural weekly program in cooperation with the Aleppo Culture Directorate.

He told SANA “My thoughts were always directed towards documentation, and the idea started in 2009. I decided to present something new that will remain as a reference in the world of culture and literature in the city of Aleppo so I created documentaries on the most important figures there”.

Baddour explained that he presented the documentary films to the public through cultural platforms in the presence of these figures to be honored, adding that he devoted a part of his documentary series to late prominent intellectual figures.

Last year, when the cultural activities stopped due to the Corona pandemic, Baddour worked to broadcast his documentary series via the Internet on social media platforms and the pages of the Directorate of Culture, which increased the number of followers of this activity and prompted him to complete his project and present the fifth title of the documentary series under the title “Syrians around the world”.

This part focused on talking about creative Syrian personalities abroad who played a major role in perpetuating the Syrian culture around the world.

 "I dealt with art, thought and literature, and I am still continuing to present a documentary series on the most important cultural pioneers in my city to contribute to preserving and documenting Syrian cultural products and disseminating them to the world."