The Syrian Folklore Magazine highlights the Syrian deep-rooted cultural heritage

The traditional clothing of Syrians is a reflection of a rich culture full of old traditions and love to the details, which is beautifully expressed in their traditional clothing.

The Folklore quarterly Magazine highlighted in its recent issue the heritage festival held recently by the Ministry of Culture on Arwad Island to celebrate this Syrian spot, which does not exceed 20 hectares , but has been a cradle for many civilizations that witness the greatness of our homeland.

Dr. Thaer Zein Eddin  reviewed in his article the history of Zaghroda (ululations)   from the ancient  to the modern eraas well as the Syrians’ adherence  to cooperation  relations  on  several occasions including weddings , returning from Hajj , travel, receiving and funeral ceremonies of the martyrs and urging to confront the enemy.

In his article the researcher Ahmed Al-Hussein wrote about the songs of work in the Syrian Jazeera, including the songs of watering livestock, shearing , spinning and weavingwool , harvesting, collecting firewood.

The folklore magazine focused on men’s traditional clothes  in Deir Ezzor  on different occasions in a study by Dr. Hussam Jamil Al-Nayef .

Damascene men's clothing between the 20th and the 21st centuries, from old traditional “ Shirwal” ( baggy trousers) to jeans, was the title of the study presented by the researcher Nabil Tello, while Dr. Muhannad Bayazid presented a study on transforming the Mawlawi ( Sufi  whirling Dervish Dance) from a religious dance to a folklore.

Other articles published in the recent issue pointed to the equipment of old traditional houses in the city  of Rahiba in Damascus countryside and excerpts of the Levantine popular proverbs in addition to  Circassian ones.

Dr. Ali Hassan Musa reviewed the ceremonies of several occasions in Al-Salamyya in Hama governorate  such as childbirth, learning the Noble Qur’an by heart and the completion of the agricultural seasons works .

From the heritage of the coastal region, the magazine published articles on the habits of pregnancy and childbirth , the Feast of Mass and the popular foods.

The magazine focused on an extensive study on the traditional agricultural tools in Sweida prepared by the researcher Salman Al-Badayish.

With an article by Dr. Muhammad Qassem about the beliefs of the pre-Islamic Arabs in the blood, the magazine concluded its issue.

Rawaa Ghanam