Artist Julia Sa’eed : Painting with soil attracts me the most, because it is the soil of the homeland

Artist Julia Sa’eed’s paintings  expressed realistic cases of art and commitment  to the homeland’s issues.  She used all colors and  depended on soil  and water, which is both innovative and distinguished  . 

 "I am interested in paintings which  reflect the artist's spirit  and feelings as well as paintings that shed light on human and social issues and embody women and childhood in all their cases, especially women because they are the secret of existence." Artist Sa’eed expressed. 

Saeed, who is from Al-Raqqa province,  indicated that the idea, feelings and the subject , in addition to the psychological state play a role in  choosing the color.  

She  added “ I  benefit from  all experiences  around me. My role model is every artist of different races and geographical spaces , who  embodies his feelings through  paintings that serve the community”. 

The artist stressed that  through her  wonderful experience with children and young people , she  noticed  that painting with sand witnessed a turn out , love and desire to draw in this material as it  develops the child's imagination for creativity in other fields.  

 “Playing with soil during my  childhood days is the motive and visual memory that prompted me today to draw artistic paintings from the soil of the dear homeland, because childhood is our store of memories  that we return to no matter how old we are”  the artist Sa’eed concluded.   

Rawaa Ghanam