Moon Celebration, a variety of artistic activities for children held in Lattakia

Lattakia (ST): Interactive activities, theatrical performances, and various activities of a cultural, educational and recreational nature were included in the Moon Celebration, which was hosted by Al-Uruba Park in Lattakia during the days of Eid Al-Adha.

The event was organized by the Dar Al Qamar Foundation in cooperation with the Lattakia City Council “Al Orouba Center for Cultural Activities” and a number of civil associations and youth initiatives.

Dr. Salam Muhammad, director of the Foundation’s branch in Lattakia, says that it aims to draw smiles on children’s faces and bring joy to their hearts and their families through a series of activities and performances that combine entertainment and education.

The event included the launch of a set of equipment for kindergartens and care centers manufactured with Syrian expertise to be tested and evaluated by parents and owners of educational institutions.