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“Ishtar Creates” Festival in Tartous celebrates Syrian women’s creativity despite difficult challenges

 "Ishtar Creates" festival, which was held by the Culture Palace in Baniyas city in its fourth year, attracted visitors from various regions of the city and its countryside, as it included a wide variety of Syrian handicrafts and crochet works, in addition to participations in painting, poetry and singing.

“The three- day festival was organized to celebrate the Syrian New Year and concluded its activities on Tuesday with the participation of 40 different talents from Baniyas, Damascus and Salamiyah” the festival coordinator, plastic artist Mays Mustafa told SANA.

 She underlined that the festival entitled “Ishtar Creates” is an affirmation of the dedication and creativity of the Syrian women despite all difficult challenges.

Plastic artist Mustafa pointed out that she participated in two oil colors paintings in the festival, one about nature and the other about women.

The artist, Rola Haddad, a participant in the festival drew attention to the importance of exhibitions in highlighting artistic talents and exchanging ideas .

She indicated that her two oil paintings at the festival embodied the inner worlds of women and their feelings.

On her part, Rosalyn Primo, who has participated in the festival more than once, indicated that the festival has a major role in developing her craft of accessories and embroidery, noting the importance of exhibitions in meeting the audience face to face, listening to their opinions, and keeping up with their requirements and tastes.

Mayada Deeb, who participated in various handicrafts including crochet, crowns and accessories talked about the importance of these crafts, which are a source of income for a large number of women.

Rawaa Ghanam