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The Central Forum of the Baath Vanguards ... A revival of Palmyra's ancient heritage and art

Al-Zahrawi Palace recently hosted the first Central Forum for Sculpture, Photography and Handicrafts for the children of the Baath Vanguards Organization, entitled "Palmyra is the Civilization ... Creativity of the Past and the Present ", to  revive the ancient heritage and art of Palmyra.

Head of the Fine Arts Office of the Baath Vanguards Organization, Hiba Saeed, said that the organization seeks, in its plan, to enhance the patriotic, cultural, civilizational and historical sense of Syrian children, as well as deepen the values of belonging to the homeland. She added that this forum aims to revive all meanings and values of the ancient heritage and art of Palmyra to remain in the memory of the children.

The Secretary of the Vanguards Branch in Homs, Nihad Mansour, said, "The forum is a real opportunity to highlight the artistic creativity of children, who were able, through the workshops, to spontaneously and innocently express their pride and love for the glories, heritage and history of their homeland, and their appreciation for the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army."

Adnan Yazbek, a member of the leadership of the  Baath Vanguards branch in Homs stressed  that holding  this forum confirms the victories of our brave army, which liberated Palmyra from the curse of armed terrorist groups, noting that the children's participation show  the wonderful artworks   their young hands accomplished   highlighting our glorious history.

Member of Hama Branch, Head of the Office of Fine Arts and Culture Surin Elias and Secretary of the Arts Office at Hama Branch Eyad Mansour clarified that the participation of the Hama  Baath Vanguards branch  represented by implementing the decor and the final staging of the forum.  In addition to many works of art from environmental waste, paintings and maquettes that represented the details of Palmyra's ruins, as well as sculptural works made of clay and a wooden water wheel depicting the heritage of Hama Governorate.

Plastic artist Mohamed Tayeb Al-Hamam said: The displayed artworks are in harmony with the  childhood and evidence of children's love for the glories of their homeland.

Muhammad Al-As'aad, son of the martyr, archaeologist Khaled Al-As'aad said, "This forum presented a product of children's creativity through works of art that mimicked the glorious history of our homeland, which was embodied in the city of Palmyra and its heritage. It also revealed creative talents and good signs that confirm Syria's victory over terrorism and its survival as the cradle of civilizations."

Supervisor Maysa Shaheen said: We tried, through our participation, to highlight the prevailing fashion in the Palmyrian era, such as costumes and jewelry.

Muhammad Saleh, a supervisor in the sculpture department, said: We participated with a group of children to complete works of clay that express the history of Palmyra, including the Tadmuriyah cemeteries, the head of Zenobia and the Palmyrian eagle, which symbolizes freedom, in addition to works depicting the ancient Citadel of Palmyra and a Palmyrian woman carrying agricultural tools.


Amal Farhat