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The second exhibition of the icon opens in the Holy Cross in Damascus

On April 4th, Patriarch of Antioch and the Rest of the East for the Greek Orthodox John X, inaugurated the second icon exhibition (ancient church vessels, archaeological manuscripts and icons of contemporary painters) in the halls of the Holy Cross in Damascus after the Sunday Mass of the Raising the Cross.

Patriarch John X considered that the opening of the exhibition is a message of peace and love from the Syrian people

Patriarch John X added that the icons are the work of different age groups, and they are evidence that we remain in Syria.

Patriarch John X pointed out that the 3-day exhibition embodies Easter and the Resurrection within us these days, and that we do not fear difficulties, but rather we are moving towards hope

Patriarch John X said, “We in Syria are Muslims and Christians, one family, and our feasts, joys, and sorrows are always shared, and this is how we were brought up in it, and this is a reality that we live in.” 

Patriarch John X called for the need to adhere to the precautionary measures to combat the Coronavirus, to concerted efforts and spread awareness for the safety of everyone

Patriarch John X said: “We pray for our country and for the medical staff who preserve human health, for the martyrs and those who died of the epidemic, and for the healing of the sick.” 

O. al-Mohammad