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Science, Culture and Arts Festival kicks off at Al-Wadi University in Homs

Plastic art and its relationship to architecture is the title of the first day of the Science, Culture and Arts Festival, which was launched at Al-Wadi University in Homs with the participation of the National Union of Syrian Students, Al-Wadi University Branch, the Plastic Artists Union, the Al-Adiyat and Expatriate Friends Associations and the Homs Culture Directorate

About 30 artists with 42 paintings representing various expressive, abstract and classic art schools participated in the activities of the first day of the festival.

University President Bashir Elias talked about the importance of this first cultural festival held by the university, which combines science, culture and the arts, which are considered the most important branches of civilization that play a vital role in the advancement of peoples.

According to Elias, the opening was devoted to the Engineering Day, which embodies the role of plastic art in developing architecture, which in turn will positively affect students and those interested in architecture in order to improve their works and future projects.

Ghadeer Bashir, head of the National Union of Syrian Students, Al-Wadi University Branch said, " the participation of students and many activities from outside the university in this festival will help to realize the principle of linking the university with the community as it motivates students to continue their scientific progress by learning about artistic experiences that contribute to the advancement of engineering architecture".

In her lecture on "the philosophy, concept and definition of art", the plastic artist Samira Medawar, a member of the Fine Artists Union branch in Homs, stated that architecture is one of the fine art branches and that plastic art must be linked to architecture and life as a whole.


Suzanna Sarah, who is in charge of the children's drawing workshops, indicated that 40 children from Marmarita school in Wadi Al-Nasara and Al-Ghassaniyeh school in Homs, who participated in the activities, interacted very well with these workshops and expressed their unique talents through the free drawings that they presented in pastel, wood and charcoal colors.

Several activities are being held on the sidelines of the festival, including a concert by the Life Skills Choir at the university theater in addition to eight lectures on  the golden ratio of aesthetics between mathematics and nature, plastic art and architecture, the philosophy of plastic art, the use of architectural spaces in color, the ancient Syrian architecture, the human being and the memory of the place, the ancient temples of Syria and the future architecture and its influence on art schools, are among the festival's activities.


Amal Farhat - Homs