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The National Association for Tourism Development Highlights Syrian Traditional Handicrafts

With the aim of preserving  and encouraging learning Syrian traditional handicrafts,  the National Association for Tourism Development   in Syria has  recently held  a cultural event under the title “ Our tourism is our wealth” at the cultural center in Abu Rummaneh in Damascus.  

The event, which included organizing an exhibition on displaying  various traditional handicrafts and industries mastered by creative hands, aimed to support the projects of women and youths in an attempt to  provide job opportunities and revive heritage crafts  which Syria is famous for.

The cultural  event was accompanied by a symposium on Syrian silk, during which researcher Dr.  Reem Al-Atrash reviewed  the history of Syrian silk and  presented some practical proposals to preserve and develop this craft, hoping that the necessary support will be provided to restore the spirit to this heritage industry. 

Zokaa  Ezzat, a member of the association told SANA  that the event included shedding light on  many tourist  sites  in Syria to promote local  tourism  as well as organizing an exhibition to display  rural food products , pottery and silk industries   that the association plays a key role in  marketing  them.   

Concerning the association’s role in supporting women who work  at their home ,  Afaf al-Nabawani, a member of the association, stressed  that great efforts are being made by the association  to empower women and support their small projects in light of the unjust economic blockade imposed on Syria. 

The participant in the exhibition Suhaila Muhammad said  “I  seek to revive Syrian traditional handicrafts through displaying pottery  frying pans which are considered one of the oldest, finest and healthiest Syrian industries in preparing and serving food”.    

On his part, the young participant, Hussein Hassan, a craftsman in the silk industry, indicated that he exerts a great effort to convert the cocoon into silk threads and weave it on a loom to manufacture silk handkerchiefs and shawls.  

Rawaa Ghanam