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Land Day Exhibition 2021 highlights resistance culture and Palestinian heritage

Damascus (ST): The works of the artists participating in the annual Land Day Exhibition 2021 have adopted new methods in expressing  the cause of the Palestinian people , the right of return and adherence to the land with new techniques and ideas that were not in the previous years' exhibitions.

Oil painting dominated the works of the exhibition held by the Union of Palestinian Plastic Artists in the People's Hall in Damascus, with less presence of sculpture, engraving, and posters .

Artist Abdel Mo'ati Abu Zeid, President of the Union said in a statement that the exhibition includes 44 works by 34 artists that were carefully selected from among dozens in order to achieve a distinguished leap from previous years' exhibitions, indicating that each participant addressed his topic with new experiences, techniques and colors while devoting the presence of heritage, the formation of the Palestinian home, family relations, belonging to the land, and adherence to the right of return.


Artist Khaled Jazia, who presented two sculptures in a realistic and expressive style, indicated that he sought through his work to say that every resistance person is targeted because he defends the land, the cause and the identity, noting that the responsibility of  artists is to highlight the culture of resistance and struggle and adhere to our land and roots.

Artist and  liberated captive Mohammad al-Rakoui, who has been participating in the Land Day exhibition for 25 years, shared two paintings inspired by the Land Day anniversary. He emphasized the role of artists in supporting the struggle of the Palestinian people in the occupied land.

 He  indicated  that in each participation he seeks to change his methods and use new techniques in order to improve work and contribute to the promotion of the audience's awareness towards the Palestine question and the option of the resistance.