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A Cultural festival held in Damascus to commemorate renowned late Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani

A cultural festival kicked off on Monday at the Arab Cultural Center in Al-Midan neighborhood in Damascus in commemoration of renowned late Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani. The event includes painting and photography exhibitions as well as musical evenings, cinematic shows and cultural heritage activities.

On the event’s first day, dozens of plastic artists presented portraits of the late creative poet and of art icons from his family such as Abu Khalil Al-Qabbani , the founder of the short musical play in Arabic theatre. They also showcased some paintings depicting the poet’s Damascene house and the Damascene sword which had a special position in the poems of Nazar Qabbani.

 The cultural activity also included on its first day a film about the poet’s history and his love for Damascus and its jasmine and a musical evening in which some poems by the great poet were sung.

Participants in the event said that the poet was a Damascene icon and a legend poet who loved Damascus with all its details and wrote elegantly about love, women, feminism and homeland.   




Hamda Mustafa