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Plastic Artist Al-Hajali’s Paintings Embody Syrian visual identity in a universal human language

Plastic artist Bassam Al-Hajali seeks to penetrate into the secrets of the universe through his paintings with  which he wants to  convey  the Syrian visual identity in a universal human language.  

Regarding his relationship with his painting,  Artist Al-Hajali  told SANA  that “ the painting resembles life in its journey and  I try  to reach through it to the spiritual visual dimension by relying on experience, color  direct interaction with it and through dialogue until we both reach a balance”. 

Childhood and the environment had their positive and negative effects on the formation of the personality of the artist Al-Hajli.The stage of  youth   formed his intellectual and artistic personality through the analysis of life and the human being and he began expressing his observations and ideas in color.

He considered  that life is a journey in which a person must be a fighter in order to be able to achieve his ambitions and dreams and to convey his message to the universe. 

Al-Hajali, who chose an artistic name for himself, Serialo, within his  artistic expressive  approach  which is something  between dream and illogical realism in the new digital world,  expressed  that this artistic trend came as a result of years of contemplation, work and daily diligence to reach what he calls the cosmic dimension, whose first manifestation was in his exhibition “Cosmic Messages”  which he held  in Dubai and included  a developed , visual and  human dialogue.

The artist  considered  that the visual language of people has developed today and  is now able to decode color codes through sensation. 

Al-Hajali deals with each of his works as a unique case .He    addresses  his paintings to  human beings , to the universe  and free from outdated traditions and restrictions imposed by society.

 “ We will continue to paint and beautify life and present it  to our homeland  which we have been able to do despite all difficulties. Syria  is  our mother  and without it there is no value and no life for us” artist Al-Hajali concluded.

Rawaa Ghanam