Artist Reem Kabtan in "Sufi Love" Exhibition

Paintings in the exhibition (A Sufi Love) for the artist Reem Kabtan at the Abu Rummaneh. cultural center have intertwined color with Arabic calligraphy.

The exhibition, which was opened on Sunday and will last until the 20th  February , displayed  22 oil and acrylic paintings depicting Sufism art,calligraphy words and  portraits of women's faces.

The displayed works reflect mystical love, spirituality and emotional expressions 

Reem told the Syria Times e-newspaper: “ I was inspired with the idea of this exhibition from the close relationship between man and the Creator which for me is Sufism - the highest rank of love”.

Sufi love is the highest and purest form of love.It is reflected in many aspects of life, such as love for the land and the homeland, and the highmoral values that we need now to enhance  good relationships among people." Kabtan added.

Artist Reem pointed out that she introduced Arabic calligraphy in her works because it fits her ideas that she wants to show through the paintings .

In her works, she quotes famous sayings by prominent Arab poets such as Jalal al-Din al-Rumi, al-HallajIbn Arabi etc..

“My Paintings  depends on realism and expressionism art schools and that is clear in Malawian dancing where I don’t show the details of the person, who dances; however, in my paintings on women, I focus on the details of her face to show her beauty,” she said.

“Every work in the exhibition narrates a story and  conveys a message that Sufi love is a call for love” Reem concluded.

Reported by: Nada Haj Khidr