Plastic exhibition in Khan Asaad Basha for art trainers in directorates of education

The Central Exhibition of Fine Arts trainers in Khan Asaad Basha included nearly 100 paintings and artworks that showcase the  artistic experiences and knowledge of the participants.

The exhibition, which was organized by the Ministry of Education, Directorate of School Theater and Artistic Activities, included oil paintings, handicrafts and sculptures by the trainers of the Fine Arts Department in the Central Administration and the School Theater Departments in the Education Directorates in the governorates.

Muhammad Rfayian, head of the school theater department and artistic activities in Raqqa Education Directorate, noted that the School Theater Directorate is concerned with discovering the artistic talents of students in music, theater, fine arts and folk arts. The exhibition is an opportunity for cultural and artistic cross-fertilization and the exchange of experiences between trainers in various governorates. The Education Directorate in Raqqa participated with several oil and watercolor paintings and decorations by trainers of  the Department of Fine Arts, he added.


Artist Muhammad Asaad, the supervisor of the Fine Arts Department in Tartous, clarified that the department regularly participates in exhibitions of trainers and students, pointing out that coaches undergo competitions before they are assigned to train students and participate in permanent courses that upgrade their art and abilities. Thus the trainers have a high and advanced level and are able to teach and train students and develop their talents.

Bassam Abu Zeidan, a plastic artist from Sweida, participated in a work entitled “War and Peace, then Peace and Love,”. He used the red color as a symbol of the war on Syria and the devastation it caused and  utilized  light colors to give a signal towards the coming hope.

Artist Ramia Ataki from Aleppo participated in a painting entitled “The Tree of Life”, with a background of colored squares, which symbolizes the different situations of life with its negatives and positives, joy, sadness, hope and despair so that the person remains defiant of circumstances.

Vandy Sarah tried to go out of the ordinary and painted a work of art on a model of a cello instrument and a woman dancing to its tones to express  how arts overlap  by mixing dance and music.

Artist Bassam Shaaban from Homs participated in a work that represents the rural Syrian woman who shows through her features beauty and strength at the same time as she shares with men all fields of life and circumstances.

Shadi Amiri, supervisor of the Fine Arts Department in Lattakia Education Directorate, participated in a work representing an olive tree that was affected by a fire. He considered  that the condition of that tree burning while it is green is similar to the condition of the Syrian person in his suffering due to the terrorist war and his insistence on life despite everything.

Lina Qanawati , a fine arts trainer from Damascus presented a diversified artistic work: drawing, copper, tin, beads, brocade, agbani, ajami, seashell and mosaic, and decorated it with elements from the Damascene environment such as the Damascene rose, lemon, citron and jasmine.

Inas Abdulkareem