Three artists show 73 works on Arabic calligraphy and the beauty of old Damascus

Damascus, Color and Calligraphy” is the title of a collective exhibition being held in the Arab Cultural center in Abou Rummaneh in Damascus, and it depicts Damascus with its houses, lanes and alleys 

The paintings of the artists Muhammad Hadid, Muhammad Dabour, and Kholud Karimoshow Sufi dance , Arabic calligraphy , and paintings of various shapes inspired from the local environment of old Damascus.

Artist Kholud Karimo, shows eight paintings focusing on the beauty of color and letter. She told Syria times e-newspaper: “ My works are inspired from expressionism and they reflect the sadness of women because of their social situations”.

Women in my paintings represent beauty, love and fertility ” she said.

Kholud participated in this event because she enjoys paintings and wants to share her feelings with the visitors of the exhibition.

Artist Muhammad Dabour, exposes 20 oil-colored paintings that depict Damascene houses Malawian dancing , and Arabic calligraphy.

Dabour said: "My paintings are inspired from the realistic school due to the need to document the historical places as Damascus is a city of civilization and history I mixed Sufi paintings with three types of calligraphy to show the Sufi spirit in my works."  

For his part, Calligrapher Muhammad Hadid, who is one of prominent artists in calligraphy shows 45 Arabic calligraphy paintings.

The artist said that Syria is famed for calligraphy art, and my paintings talk about the Al -Shamia school”.

The Arabic letter has its own beauty and our goals from this event are to revive our folklore and preserve our heritage” he added.

Hadid sees that the calligrapher's works are not less important than the painter's ones because he draws letters in an artistic wayThe purpose of his participation in the exhibition is to encourage the new generation to learn more about calligraphy art and acquaint them with his experience .

Reported by: Nada Haj Khidr